OEIC funds request

I’m sure I suggested before but don’t see a dedicated thread to bump after 48 hours and stil no order placed on Argo Blockchain - #7 by ukcz

An option to buy Fundsmith, BG American etc once per day is the single feature that would double AUM to £4bn the fastest. Not only for new money but for people with existing ISAs including them

You’d want some warning about trading restrictions though to avoid complaints like with the bitcoin etf

I’m completely lost on what you are saying. :sweat_smile:

An option to buy Fundsmith, BG American etc once per day

So you want a feature to buy a stock once a day?

Would the daily pie feature work?

Traditional funds are only purchased once per day everywhere I’ve seen. I want them and the once per day is merely a by-product

Non-ETF funds like LifeStrategy, Fundsmith etc

212 don’t offer non exchange trades funds, is that what your asking for? For OEICs to be available on 212?

Yes. I’m sure many people have investments elsewhere they would consider moving here if such funds became available. Just recently I sold a bunch here to move into OEICs (purchase fees mean doing it irregularly)

I believe staff have said that to offer OEIC funds is something they have planned for the future.