Oil price discrepancies

Can someone please explain what’s going on with oil. The price on 212 is 18.3. On plus500 and online state oil price is at 25.5 why is there a discrepancy when it has and still is running parallel? My account is close to margin call because of this HUGE change and I’m very confused.

Hey @Mikal. The reason is that you are looking at different futures contracts on Oil, which are two different instruments. The one on our platform with a price of ~18.50$ is with expiration in April, whereas the one selling at ~25.60$ is set to expire in May.

I strongly advise you to educate yourself on the nature of futures contracts and their trading conditions before entering in any positions on them. You can also check the video below:

I hope this will be of help. Cheers.


Okay, thanks for the help, @PeterA really appreciate it. Makes so much more sense. I’ll be researching the rest of the day. Thanks again!

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Io non credo che il prezzo del oil in trading212 sarebbe in parartelo con altri broker, ho mandato anche alla assistenza questo problema.
Vi mando s

Guardate voi la differenza in 2 ore ?
Brent va ok,Oil no !

Hello @ArjanCapa69. Please check my answer above: