OMXH exchange issues on CFD


I’m based out of Helsinki and hadn’t yet faced any issue with seeing the Helsinki stock exchange open in the CFD platform.

Today, the market is showing up as closed, even though it is an opening day for the exchange.

This has me a bit concerned, as this error could happen while havin some positions in need of closing in the future.

Is there an explanation as to why this is happening?

I would appreciate your help,


Today is the 2nd day in a row that the Helsinki market is closed and I’m stuck with a position in my CFD account that I cannot close because of this.

Can someone please provide some explanation to this?

This is very concerning to me as I would hate to be stuck with a large position in the future.

Please, your support.

We had technical difficulties receiving data from our feed vendor, once detected the issue was resolved, everything should be fine now.