One Click option to equal out percentage amounts

Currently when setting up the Pie, if I choose 5 companies it automatically creates 20% for all 5 making it 100% which is good, but if I then remove one company, they all remain at 20% therefore using up 80% of the pie right?

But it would be good if you could provide an additional option to even them out with one click to 25% for all 4 making it 100%

The option should be a simple ‘one click option’ to even out and make equal percentage amounts across all companies without having to edit each company manually. Maybe a simple button that says something like ‘Equal Percentage Amounts’



great shout! I have some pies with 35-40 companies in and when ever I add a new one I need to go through the whole lot to allocate an even percent to each company. Surely its an easy fix to just have a button to even them out?