Buy price higher than displayed on the graph

Dear 212 Community!

This is my first post and in fact fist stock purchase and I need some clarification if someone could help.

I placed an order for few shares while the market was still closed. As soon as it opened the deal has been executed but the price I somehow paid was well over where the market has been today.
As you can see per picture below my trade was executed at $18.80 but the market opened at $17.70.

The buy sell spread is only few pence. Is it something to do with currency $ vs £ moving against me?

Would appreciate some clarification on what has caused my trade to be over market valuation.

  1. tap on the 10m and change to 1m
  2. tap on the chart symbol and select candle
  3. dont touch NKLA :see_no_evil:

Chart shows the SELL price. Your buy order gets executed at BUY price. If the BUY is at 18.80 at open, it will execute at that level. Advice: use a limit order. Then you can specify your maximum price.

@chantal The chart is the ASK (buy price). You are too used to CFD where its stuck on BID in the app. :sweat_smile:


Like the below? As you will see my bet was executed at 14:30 at $18.80 but as per graph below market opened at $18:29

Would be good to know what ha caused that so I avoid this mistake going forward.
Thanks for looking into it!

You are looking at 1h not 1minute. Hang on I’ll screengrab the ASK at the time.

Many thanks, I thought it might have something to do with the buy sell spread but the spread seems to be very high, compared to what it is currently 3p.

The spread is raw so it’s the best ask and bid without any widening.

The stock opened with an ASK of 18.81 and 18.44 was the lowest ASK during that minute.

If you tell me quantity I can find it on T&Ss.

Philip so basically the market has opened at $18.80 for buying but the sell price was much lower showing instant loss on the deal?

Sorry if these are mega basic questions but wanting to make sure I understand the mechanics.

Only 23 shares if that’s what you’re asking.

So from yesterday close 9pm (UK) you then have after hours and then you have pre market trading before 2.30pm (UK)

Here’s what happened it actually hit 19.03

This is fantastic and totally explains - thanks!
Where can I see the activity when market is closed like the graph you have just showed me?

The spread wasn’t wide on open it’s just a case you had a market buy on open which bought and then it dumped so both the ask and bid then dropped together.

It’s never advisable to buy on open, especially with a market order, use a limit to avoid losing out.

And it’s advisable not to buy NKLA at all. :sweat_smile:

The app is WeBull but the other is recommend is TradingView.

This is the order book view, T212 sees the top row.

I would never buy NKLA lol, I tried to short it on my only ever time on the CFD side and that didn’t go well. Just don’t poke the bear.

Thanks guys for your help - hopefully good karma exists!

So if you don’t advise NKLA what’s your top 3 shares to invest in if you don’t mind sharing :grin:

Well thats very much a personal thing, so the chances of having the same risk and strategy is low but I’m heavy on Gold and Tech, EV, Lithium and Hydrogen.

The key reason for not touching NKLA is its a scam company from its VTIQ merger it got pumped on lies to a 100 and then dumped. It’s been bleeding out ever since. In September the short seller published a good amount of them including the funny one about it rolling down the hill. NKLA stupidly answered them and said things like we didn’t say it was powered just ‘in motion’ etc. Trevor Milton stepped down hoping to avoid Jail. GM got onboard and then had to exit without Mary Barra looking like a complete idiot for not doing DD. The whole thing is a shit show.

Guys… let people lose their money in peace :v::peace_symbol:

@michalina if you like gold KEFI under 2p (as of right now) is my pick. But worth doing DD on anything anyone suggests. Expect results this Q1

Load up now to ~1.9 would be my guess.

Thanks so much for all your help Phil. Looks like I should offload Nikola ASAP! Lesson number one - put limits on and do better research!

I’ll have a look into Kefi! :+1::+1:

When is kefi expected to have revenue?

You think gonna reach p1,5 before rebound?