Order still pending - stick with or cancel and re-order?

I tried to buy some more Argo Blockchain stock this afternoon. Order was pending for hours and now markets are closed.

In the hours it was pending the price dropped.

If / when the order executes will it do so at the current price or the price as was when the order was placed? If so, guessing I should cancel and re-order?



If you placed a market order it will whatever the current price is when it gets filled.

You don’t get a price in the past when you place an order, it’s just indicative of the current best ask or bid.

If you place a limit buy you can guarantee you will never pay more than you want, however you may not get filled if it can’t get that price or better

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Did you get filled? Seems to be super slow

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@David is there an issue or just volume?

I have the same issue. Cancelled and placed twice, also tried a limit order which someone on Reddit suggested but that hasn’t helped. Tried it on the app and the website, still stuck pending

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:sweat::sweat: let’s hope they get filled before they’re listed for the robinhooders

Not looking good, still no movement for me

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It’s been going on for days taking hours and hours to fill, even then it doesn’t happen, I gave up :joy:


Finally got the order filled - placed the order when the price was 58, when it went through price was 65.

Not happy…

I have had the same issue today.

Has this been filled for you yet?

Same issue here, I’m scared to see what price it eventually “buys” at! :fearful:

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I’ve 1/3 on that I wanted :see_no_evil:

Hopefully robinhooders don’t spot it immediately

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When is it going to be on Robinhood!?

My order never went through and its up about 50% since I first placed it. Really disappointed, its the first time I’ve been bitten by this problem. It’s something I see quite a few complaints about on various message boards but always assumed they’d just been unlucky. I’ve cancelled the order

I’ve also tried to purchase these shares and each time it just says pending. I’ve cancelled once so this time I will leave it pending and hope it doesn’t purchase them at a much higher price?!

I’ve tried leaving it, I’ve tried cancelling and making multiple market orders, limit orders, specifying the quantity of shares or specifying the value, nothing processes :frowning:

I used the chat service on the app and got the following response.

‘Please note that currently, Argo has very low liquidity and orders take longer to execute. If the price changes drastically the order is cancelled, in order to prevent you from spending more money than originally intended.’

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People are managing to buy elsewhere though, but it means paying commission

How frustrating wanting to buy a share that’s increasing and not being able to. Can’t even find it on Etoro or plus 500