Order still pending - stick with or cancel and re-order?

Currently trying to set a stop on this stock in case it tanks - can’t even set one within 15 points.

Really won’t be happy if gains are lost because of an issue with the app…

Surely their explanation re low liquidity causing delays is a cover up. The app must have issues.

edit I’ve read the below link and now understand the issue. I want my 3 loaves of bread!!

Certainly feels like some issue other than liquidity. Volume is 3x normal according to Yahoo finance. Price keeps going up, so plenty of buying going on elsewhere

Liquidity issues don’t explain why you can’t set a limit / stop on this?

…unless I’m missing something?

And of course I wont buy today unless a miracle happens. And tomorrow will open much much higher

Finally my order executed for Argo Blockchain! So I placed the order yesterday at 8am. Almost 2 days to execute…

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When does it get listed on Robinhood??

When it hits $3 for a period of time so Nasdaq listed

i have had exactly the same issues with argobloack chain. tried to buy many many times. never fills,.
212 can you answer ?