Problem with pending orders

Why this whell keep rotating? Is my order placed or not if the stock reach that value or not? I cannot even delete it!

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Yep! Need prompt solution for it.

Same with me.

Im having problems placing orders too, I’m not getting that but I have had orders placed since market open and and they still havent went through

Anybody tried to place Sell orders?
It went through?

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I placed a sell order and the pending mark above came through so I couldn’t cancel it and it went through itself later. That was a UK stock

Same issue here :thinking::disappointed_relieved: not sure what’s going on

Same here. Need fix ASAP.

SLOWWWWWWWW :anger: ergh.

RDSB is just all over the place …

My buys all just went through!

Check the other subject as well:

Very slow orders - More than 15 mins?

I placed another limit order if the price of the stock shell reach a specific price but I cannot see it…how do I know if it has been placed and how can I do if I want to delete it???

Are you on app or desktop?

On app you have to click on the company and scroll down and there’s a section on your pending orders, on desktop there’s a clock with the hands at 3oclock which has a list of all your pending orders

Yep. Having same issue with pending limit orders

How is it possible? On app it says that my limit is 4,65 and on desktop 4,50

Seems to be working now.

no it doesn’t. On the app it seems working fine (it show the correct informations) on the desktop I don’t see my pending orders with limit a price

Again is loading … hmm :confused: