Urgent: Pending Order Cancellation Problem


I have a Limit Buy Order in the system at the moment, which I have requested cancellation, but it has been stuck in “Processing” for the last 80 mins (pls see screen shot below).

I have urgently emailed support but haven’t heard back yet.

Has anyone experienced this before? Any advice to fix this would be very much appreciated!

This problem happens from time to time, which is quite annoying.

There is no clear solution other than contacting the team @Team212.

Thank you very much for replying @seabream! I have emailed support on the webform, but have not had a response yet, I’ve also called, but no one answered.

Do you know if there is any other way to reach out to @Team212? It is still not cancelled (pls see screen shot below).

This seems to be a serious bug - one could incur thousands of lost, if this order gets executed while the price is moving down

if it’s urgent, I’d suggest you call them by phone

Market orders are accepted as usual, the issue occurs only with pending orders - we’re not getting a confirmation from Interactive Brokers that the exchange has accepted the pending order. This could be either due to IB or the exchange itself, they’re looking into it.

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@seabream thank you for the suggestion, I have called a few times but no one has answered so far…

@David thank you very much for trying to resolve it! Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

The price is now at 2.20 (see screen shot) and the limit order is set at 2.19 and the price has been moving down… £500 loses would be incurred for every 20p downward moment should the order gets executed

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Hi David, any update form IB?

The price has now moved to the Limit Order Price, and is still going down.


The price has moved below the Limit Order price now, if it is still not cancelled and gets executed, it would start incur £25 losses per every 1p movement…

Has IB given us any update?

@Simon7 Nothing yet but I can see that the last request to IB was “cancel” so it should get cancelled at some point.

I’ve also got this happening on a Realty Income order. It isn’t urgent for me (my position’s going to be ok either way around) but it is extremely frustrating.

@David Thank you for the update, hopefully it has been cancelled, please keep me posted if you hear anything

@SWPhilosophy Sounds like a very smart position you have there :). Frustrating indeed, you can’t get out of the position when the market move against you for hours, and the fund can’t be used to seize any other good trades…

Makes one wonder how could it happen to such a sleek system like Trading212? For orders to stuck in the pipeline for hours? Though engineering a robust communication btw Trading 212, IB and the exchange must be nontrivial, hopefully this never happen again.

It’s finally shows as cancelled after 4 hours.

@David thank you very much for your help!

Managed to cancel mine, too.

Any sign of this week’s new stocks?

Good to hear, you mean new issuance?

Yes, that’s right. Market closed now, but I suppose for Monday…

@SWPhilosophy Which ones are you going to be watching next week?

@David Does Trading212 offer or plan to launch a premium membership that provides better routing or order execution than the free one? Something like Interactive Broker Pro vs the Interactive Broker Lite?

There is a pro version in CFD

I don’t think I’ve seen the new issuance. Is it on here somewhere?

@Cashurkash Thank you for pointing that out, though I was more thinking along the line of a pro for better order execution rather than a pro for additional leverage - e.g. here is a description of the difference btw the Interactive Broker Pro vs. Interactive Broker Lite that highlights the difference btw quality of order execution on stockbrokers.com:

IBKR Pro Stock trades: Standard fixed pricing US stock trades run $.005 per share with a minimum of $1.00 and a maximum of 0.5% of trade value. Interactive Brokers does not accept payment for order flow, a key element in providing quality.

IBKR Lite: All US stock and ETF trades are $0. The main caveat to IBKR Lite is the lower quality order executions. Like other $0 brokers, under IBKR Lite, Interactive Brokers makes money off its order flow.

@SWPhilosophy I’m not sure Trading212 notifies users for new issuances? I suppose one has to search for the equity in the app at its IPO date?

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@Simon7 We use Interactive Broker’s pro services by default so you’re always getting the best possible execution. There’s nothing to improve.