Orders taking too long to process

Again, orders are in pending for too long, a few minutes instead of a few seconds. I assumed this would be fixed by now is anyone else still having problems? I’m not on stocks that have little to no activity either it’s happening even on the big ones.

Edit - AWESOME, was buying a stock, had the available funds. Pressed buy, it shot up loads within those 5 minutes and then cancelled my order with unavailable funds, are you kidding me sort out your platform -_-


Yeah just happened to me with Tesla, too late now. I’m also trying to off load, but I’m now stuck while the price is tanking.

Just great :-1:t2:

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The last topic got closed because ‘The issue has passed’ It still hasn’t. This is absolutely frustrating and costing lots of money. I just watched a stock nearly double infront of my eyes that I tried to buy and the stupid order wouldn’t go through

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Now situation is even worse - app says cannot load data… website is constantly logging out… saying login expired…


Crazy this why they never learn to improve capacity and having people to complaint each day…

Missed so many opportunities already

We’re looking into it.

Hope we get the best excution price in our favour for this.

Interestingly my preset sell’s executed fairly rapidly on US market opening but now trying to buy shares they are stuck or very slow (1 out of 4 executed after 15 mins)

Looking into it? It happens all the time! You really should start having some sort of compensation for the money you cause your customers.


Yeah for me as well. I want to purchase but the market order is pending for minutes now and the price is going up and up and up…missed a great opportunity now.

Trading 212 platform is becoming real buggy…

It is a mess now. Etoro has been perfect and if I didn’t have this ISA I’d be using it for everything

Wat are you looking into man…every day is an issue…


Same has happened to me with NIO, OCGN

Getting frustrating, about to plug 1k into NIO and I would already be up a couple of %!!

Happened on a number of occasions for !e recently. Waited over five minutes for an Alibaba trade to execute while watching the price move significantly. Happening again today when attempting to sell another stock. Really need to get sorted.

MVIS - lost money now…thanks trading212…just cuase you didnt sell it on time…f**king Crzy

I see it is happening on other brokers I use. There must be too many orders on the market

We’ve all heard that before. It’s not on. Lost all my profits on a now tanking stock that I can’t shift.


Oh great, my buy order went through at the highest possible moment <3

Which ones? I’ve not been having issues