Order Stuck in "Processing"

I’ve had an order that’s been stuck in “Processing” for 1hr20 now. I can’t cancel or update it because the record is greyed out/disabled in Pending Orders.


It appears to be “unstuck” now. It would be interesting to hear why it was stuck for so long though.

Google Setsqx

That’s your issue.

Okay… but I’m not sure that that makes sense? I don’t fully understand it but from what I gather… that it means buy/sell orders are processed by the exchange in intervals/at certain times of day?

If that is the case, it doesn’t make sense that T212 had the order in their “Processing” state. If they had submitted it to the exchange then I would have been able to cancel it.

No you don’t understand then.

Low liquidity stocks such as yours essentially have the numbers grouped together and processed together to heighten the chances of having a buyer and a seller in the deal (thus the trade doesn’t fail).

These ‘auctions’ only happen at set times of the day, but the minute you press submit T212 submit it to the book - it cannot be taken away as it is now grouped and ready to be executed when possible.


Hmm okay, thanks for explaining

So 15minutes or so after my first order was finished “processing” I placed a second order; that one was processed right away and filled no more than a minute later.

The only apparent difference was the first was a limit order and the second was a market order. Would SETSQX account for that?

Probably. They auction at 8am, 9am, 11am and 2pm (iirc).

A limit order is pretty unlikely to ever execute on a SETSqx auction imo, to illiquid unless there’s a great RNS released causing a sudden increase in liquidity.