Orders pending post 9pm 21st Oct

Anyone else have all their orders pending post 9pm today?

Most orders I placed are just pending!

I had to buy fractional shares which was working. Market and limit orders are still pending.

7.21 am 22nd oct, my Etsy order says it was cancelled.

My Tesla orders were not being processed anymore but not cancelled either. Had to manually cancel em.


Check my post. Same issue but actually worse as I have a negative position now opened.

I hope this is resolved because I am not losing money over a system issue.

I was glad I was able to buy some Tesla at fractional price. Had to buy 0.x and then make the rest up with another decimal number and make it whole.
But yeah, buying price hit my limit price and went back up. Had to buy it at a much higher price. Which sucks

Hello @Buurbachi,

Yesterday evening there was a disruption in the connection between Trading 212 and our intermediary. The issue did not come from our side, which rendered us unable to resolve it immediately.

As of this morning, the connection has been restored and everything is running smoothly.

If there is still something unclear, DM me with the details and we will sort it out.

Thanks @PeterA.

Just to be @n@l about this

  1. How are users to know if the disruption was from your side or Thiers. Are we supposed to take your word for it or can users see a log somewhere. Not that I’m saying you’re lying.

  2. If the disruption is from your side, what happens? Say my order was for a stock which sky rockets the next day. what happens?

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There is still an issue with processing pending orders. I have on a few stocks because of this. Most recently today I have 2 pending orders. A limit order and market order since Friday for Gstechnologies. It rose on both days and this morning it’s up +24%. Why does this keep happening now?