Organize portfolio

if we could sort the portfolio in categories would be nice. We should be able to define how to organize it, example I would really like to have:

  • dividend stocks: target of 70%
    - technology: 10%
    - financial: 15%
    - etc

  • growth stocks: target of 25%
    - amazon 25%
    - tesla 25%
    - etc

  • gold: target of 5%
    - barrick gold: 50%
    - royal gold: 50%

This is the basic configuration for the 100% investment in the portfolio.

(little side note here: I am using Yahoo Finance for my daily tracker but for sure is not the same thing. Having to constantly update everything manually is very cumbersome and prone to errors. also, I cannot understand why the % of gains and losses do not match between yahoo finance and my brokers (degiro and T212). end of side note)

So, having that said, I really hope we can have this feature available in T212 and the possibility to track %'s in each “folder” or by stock by day, week, month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, all.


  • Dividend stocks
    %: gain of 20% in last 3 months
    %: loss of 3% in last day

    • inside dividend folder
      % gain of 50% in last 6 months in technology
      % gain of 2% in last week for nvidia

      % loss of 10% in last month in financials
      % loss of 1% for Bank of America in last 12 months

  • growth stocks
    % 100% gain for tesla in last 3 months

etc etc etc

I am slowly moving my portfolio from degiro to T212, I invest in 90 different businesses and tracking all this is very hard at the moment. I have excel sheets to help me but once more, this is done manually, it is cumbersome and prone to errors.

Regarding dividends, these should also be presented in the same fashion (by the defined folders I mentioned). For dividend investors, we should be able to see what the increase/decrease is in a monthly and yearly basis at least.


  • Dividend stocks
    • 100 euros for all subfolders in January

    • 110 euros for all subfolders in February (10% increase monthly basis)
      Technology subfolder

      • 10 euros in January
      • 11 euros in February (10% increase for this specific folder)

      Financial subfolder

      • 10 euros in January
      • 5 euros in February (50% decrease for this specific folder)

Even better if we can have some graphics and tendency lines!

This would be an amazing feature to have, even more so with the rumored automation feature you have been talking about (thinking of M1 Finance for this feature).

whoever thinks this is a positive way to track your investments leave a like or a comment, I understand this is not a simple request but if we are enough we might have a chance. lets all unite for the development team attention! :slight_smile: