OTC stocks early trading hours

Ok so T212 said that OTC stocks will be opening at 1.30pm rather than 2.30pm. And granted it does say the market is open on them, however, they don’t actually move at all and you cant buy them (until actual market open) is it just broken?

What do you mean can’t buy? It’s all down to liquidity surely, if you try say Tencent I assume you’ll most likely get filled before open, on more obscure stocks there might not be enough trading.

I get that volume will be very low but the price of all my OTC stocks does not move at all on T212 when I see people showing it has actually changed in price on other platforms

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If you send an order, and there is enough liquidity, it will be filled. The chart aims to indicate the price, but it is not binding for the execution, which happens via a smart routing system that leads the order to an OTC venue with sufficient liquidity.

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OTC is like “customer to customer” market, that’s why prices can be all over the place. I highly recommend never ever putting a market order on an OTC provided instrument.