Other brokers have stopped trading US stock

The message below says it all :scream:


Yeah I have to admit I thought T212 was a little complicit until I saw the IB Bloomberg video yesterday. T212 needs communicate better that it’s completely out of their control.

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For most brokers it is out of their control, always someone further up/down the chain that is a weak line and won’t face the direct wrath of angry customers so doesn’t care.

Other than Robinhood of course who do a lot of stuff in house, it was entirely their decision to restrict stuff. T212 got messed up by IB, TastyWorks/WeBull got messed up by Apex clearing, Freetrade messed up by their FX provider… regulator needs to step in and sort out these firms that operate further down the chain

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No wonder the DeFi folks are gaining traction. And the megaphone is getting bigger, wider and louder.