Why won't 212 do this?

Come out and speak up, tell us what’s going on and why when things don’t go right. Communicate, give us your side of the story, maybe even fight our corner. They call you disruptive, yet you hide. You guys are so secretive.

Maybe if you’d have done the following, you could reclaim some credit and reclaim what you set out to do. Instead, you’re leaving it to someone else to tell us what you’re up against…

It’s not too late, 212, I still believe in you. Talk to us.



That should hopefully clear things up.

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This is extremely interesting to watch and learn from. Thanks for posting.


Too little, too late; but something, and welcome.

But this is bigger. There’s no figure-head. The company is effectively mute because there is no effective communication channel.

For customers, chat can be switched-off, there’s no phone number and too many issues and desperate people scramble in the forum for help (and left to drift).

On macro issues, such as this, others are on TV, doing podcasts, on YouTube, responding, communicating to their customers and industry. Someone would defo interview the figure-head of 212 - it’s a player now - yet there’s a deafening vacuum.

Then post links in the forum, on the website and Twitter. Project, communicate. It’s 2021, this is how it’s done now.

I mean, someone even had to request that the above-linked-response be posted in its own thread to be found. There is clearly a lack of resource and skill in this area.

And it is very damaging, embarrassing and I’m sure stressful for all within the company; and very worrying for a not insignificant number of customers.

Gotta get on the front-foot.