Vinco Ventures Unhalt - Poor from Trading 212

The trading has resumed and all brokers have opened trading however it is still not being allowed to trade on t212 . What a shame !

This is pretty disgusting service

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This is from NASDAQ’s official website. The security is still halted.

I’ll update the thread once I have more information.


It is not you are looking at out dated update .

Do you guys never do any work?

This is not the first time where trading 212 stuff has been incompetent in their professionalism

The instrument was subject to 4 different halts from the opening bell:

Link: Trade Halts - Current

Unfortunately, they come directly from the exchange, which is beyond our scope.


Yep. Sure go with all the flawed reasons.

When it was live there was no halt for at least 5-10 minute… and it was stuck on trading 212…

Keep giving clients crappy service

@MohammedS this is exactly why you should have multiple brokers, and execute your trades on the best execution you can get. This is a highly risky stock, good luck with your investment in it.

The article you are quoting, is pre further exchange trading halts. This would be an issue for all brokers so not a failing of 212. They might appear slow to reopen trading we all know that, but they do piggy back of IB, to give us a low cost service so you need to be aware what you are paying for. Constantly monitoring live if a security is halted or not is a pain in the hoop.


Thanks for the suggestion. However you can’t have multiple brokers when you have set up ISA account unless I move or transfer to a different broker.

Because t212 is free and attracting lot of small investors they have high demand / hence lack of poor service or people leaving don’t hurt them. Until a better alternative arrives in U.K.

The day when there is a real competitor to T212 than you will see them fight to retain clients. Until than they will not care much.

It is what it is.

I mean, T212 routes your order to the market, and then it gets executed there or not. Unless you’d have a market order and they already have the shares on their book, in which case you’d get an even better execution.

The only downside of T212 compared to some more expensive broker is that T212 only publish your order to the exchange; some other brokers might also use other venues.

Vinco Ventures had literally no trading data for a week before yesterday’s move, which resulted in 6x its daily average volume.

So, unless you were trying to sell a small quantity at open (which somehow I heavily doubt), which should have gone through without any issue, any other order (buy) was extremely likely to not go through for the entirety of the day.

Hint: this is what led to both the price movements, and the multiple trading halts.

We’re talking about a rather illiquid stock, that goes through very exceptional trading conditions where one side of its order book sits empty for most of the day with a huge imbalance of trades, but you’re right, let’s just pretend it’s due to T212’s shitty service.

How long will trading 212 continue to do this? The market is open now & #BBIG is still stuck?

What the hell is wrong with trading 212???

@B.E @David @Team212

This is very shady behaviour from trading 212

I had restarted my phone and checked because this is what usually they recommend. And it was still stuck.

Now it’s back after 3-4 minutes of market open. Very shameful

What’s shameful about it? The chart taking 1 extra minute to update you mean? I’m lost

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