Our growth in just 12 months

@RichG123 Wouldn’t be that significant because they paused registrations on the day the saga really took off. The question should be what could have been if they hadn’t…

True, but there was still over a week building up to that point so would be quite interesting to see if that was their best ever week!

Also I agree would have been amazing to see how far it could have gone if IB didn’t stop the sales and 212’s servers could handle the bandwidth


Congrats Trading212 for the growth! One thing that would help you grow even more is if you would allow people to transfer their positions from other trading platforms to you and vice-versa, giving people the option of not selling (taxable event) to move to trading212


super news, well done everyone at t212

I agree. I would pay for extra features like real time news, discussions, better infrastructure, less downtime etc.

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I agree, if Trading212 had a premium plan for let’s say £5/pm £60 a year with zero fees I would 100% take it.

The money could go towards hiring more staff to improve customer service (bringing back live chat :crossed_fingers:), improving capacity and infrastructure (upgrading existing hosting servers) etc…

Also maybe some exclusive-premium features.


I could live with that price :slight_smile:

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There is a plan for this in the medium to long term I believe and will come with those

And unlike other platforms This premium plan will not be to the detriment of free users, rather will actually be a plus account adding unique features. We’ve discussed multi currency accounts etc. in this list. I argued that priority support should not be in the plus account as I don’t think that’s fair.

It does still exist, it’s just never on because there’s too many people trying to use it and the wait times would be far too long.

Yeah as they’ve said it isn’t really a sever issue, it’s not a simple “buy more hardware” solution.


you get a like and a +1 from me to just bump it up :grin:

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That is absolutely amazing ! :+1: :+1:

Other european brokers right now:


Great. I hope you continue to learn and develop new features and let people transfer


Impressive growth T212, but I agree with other posts here in that T212 should focus on quality and consistency.

The CFD platform was not as good as it was when I first joined in June ‘20 as can’t trade on stocks and indices( buy) were stopped for a time in Jan ‘21. The indices were open on a rival trading app at this time. Going forward are we likely to see these problems again? 🤷

The invest platform is good especially as it’s commission free👍


This was all, of course well deserved by the T212 team! And I believe all of us in this community are part of this success!


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Well done! Keep going guys. :hugs:

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£50M to £2.7B is pretty mind blowing, but very deserved. love this platform.


Congratulations! We hope we will be able to buy Trading212 stock soon!

Thanks a lot Trading212 for developing a wonderful app. I thank all the developers, product managers and everyone involved in the development of this app. Best of luck for the year 2021 and I hope to see continued growth. And I know you know it much better that 1.4M clients shall be happy clients :slight_smile:


Also a nice grow in fees I might say.

Edit: Not sure why it is flagged by the community as it’s a true statement.


What’ even more amazing is the average size of the accounts have grown from GBP 125 to GBP 1928. very nice indeed

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