View historical trades along with P/L per security

Currently, if I go under History->Orders in the app, I can view all the orders placed including the ones I might have canceled, replaced, etc. However, I would also like to see P/L per trade in a new tab. This tab should only display trades (not orders) and should give security level profit and loss for that trade. As of now, I see the total return under the ‘All’ tab, but it is not very helpful in analyzing the historical trades/Profit-loss.



If you click on the ones which are marked as sold, it tells you how much profit you made.
Just scroll down a little and it has a “Result” - followed by the net profit or loss.

See below:

Thanks. It’s still not easy to look at all the trades when one has many buy orders, replacements, or cancellations in the list. A tab with only sells would be great or at least an option to filter sells in the ‘Orders’ tab would be sufficient. I think it would be neater to have a tab with only the sells and see the P/L with the Ticker name rather than having to scroll through all the orders and then clicking on each trade, scrolling to the bottom of the page to finally view the P/L. Another option would be to allow exporting it to a spreadsheet (from web app).

It can get a little mixed up at times, for example if you are day trading on existing shares, and sell them, it will take the average of the whole holding.

For example

If I buy 100 shares at $10, and then later 100 shares for $5, if I then sell 100 for $7.50 it will come up as a loss. I know it just gets offset (if) you eventually sell the complete holding.

I don’t do day trading, so not sure how this is handled even when placing sell orders. Does one get to choose which ‘lot’ to sell i.e. $5 vs $10. In the example you mentioned, if you sell 100 shares from the lot that costs $10, then a loss is the right way to register that trade. Even if the trader has no option to choose which one to sell, I would expect Trading212 to know which lot is being sold exactly and hence display the right P/L. As you mentioned, eventually it will offset so should not be an issue unless I’m missing something.

Be great to see a P/L in CFD account to track @David if possible

I;m just spitballing but perhaps they could offer a feature between FIFO and LIFO.

Yes, that’s an option but it won’t do any good to the original problem though. Navigating through all the orders to find sold orders and then get the P/L is a pain.

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Something similar to invest account?

Be nice for the invest account to track % P/L when hitting D/W/M/Y

The figure called “result” is not net profit, its gross profit. You need to adjust for stamp duty if that is relevant to your stock.

Ive asked the @Team212 a number of times to add a net profit figure but they are avoiding the question for some reason?