History per stock (accumulated absolute gains history)

Hi all
Not sure if someone has already suggested this, but I would love to know what my return has been per stock. To calculate I have to go through the entire history to work it out and pull my calculator outm

Maybe a profit and loss and over all indicator in the history area of each stock?

Is that possible?



I thought this was already shown in the app. E.g. 14.79% return on AAPL shown in example below. This is probably just on the share price in my home currency and does not include dividends. Were you wanting something different?


p.s. If you want to understand how your Average Price is calculated, read this post.

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Random question: is there any way of seeing your history of trades in an individual stock (ie June 12 bought X@X, June 13 sold Y@Y) aside from looking back at contract notes and notifications?

I’m likely being an idiot and missing something, but it would be nice if you could see such informaton at a glance on a stock’s page.

Thanks for the reply.
I think I may not have been clear in my request. Yes you can see your return while you own the stock. Once you sell it, its gone. ! All you see is a single amount and other details you get from your contract note.

If I buy and sell a stock, stock A ten times over a course of X months, it would be nice to see how much in total that particular stock has yielded since I’ve been dealing with it.

Something like this.

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How have I never noticed that history tab? :rofl:

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Under each stock there is a history area. It’s all in there. See my screen shot. It captures a lot, except what I’m requesting (total return)

On the instument information page in the phone app there is a section called History. This shows each of your trades.

To know what they cost in local currency look elsewhere, at the History accessed from the three bar menu icon at bottom right.

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I wish I could say I spend so much time pouring through company fundamentals that I’ve never noticed the history page below it before.

Seems like I made an indirectly useful topic for some lol

I see what you mean now. However, there are so many statistics and metrics that one could imagine to be interesting. Poor Trading 212. It’s a whack a mole game. Provide some statistic and users will quickly ask for a different one. I don’t know of any other broker who gives this type of return information as routine. The catch all solution is downloadable csv records of transactions. Users can then analyse the numbers to their hearts content.

That’s why 212 should do it right? To stand out

I might be reading your response in the wrong tone but it sounded a bit snotty.
Should people not be making feature suggestions? Thought that’s what this area was for?

I will have to agree with @Richard.W here.

There are so many, useful metrics that can be calculated, I would love to see (at least) drawdown, volatility s-volatility and irr and xirr.


we can’t expect T212 to cater for all these, since it is neither an accounting firm nor the black book I keep hiding from HMRC :ghost:

I highly doubt these will make T212 “stand out” I can’t see someone prefer T212 just for these metrics.

You are reading his response wrong, he is one of the most peaceful guys around here, ready to listen to anyone about anything.


I’m sorry. Did not intend to be discouraging. All suggestions are worth consideration, yes. I was thinking about the tension that must be in developers minds, on one hand wanting a rich feature set and on the other hand wanting to keep things simple, understandable and uncluttered. Interestingly, the uncluttered objective was once given as the reason why there is no 5 minute chart option.

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I understand. Thanks for your input all.

I found that you show a withdraw and deposit breakdown under transactions. Also a total return figure under history (via settings).

I didnt think it would require a lot of development to aggregate the total return value in the stock history area. But I’m not a developer so I could be totally off base. I just felt that it would be nice, for me atleast, to quickly know how much a company I invested in, has made for me.

212 is my first and only trading app I’ve stuck with and it’s awesome. When you find something you really like, you can’t help but want it to be the best. Hence why people probably leave so many suggestions. I think it’s a compliment to the developers, shouldn’t be considered as a ‘this isn’t good enough’ approach


For clarification, it may or may not be difficult. May be its the easiest thing in the world. It’d be nice if they added everything suggested here :slight_smile:

I get a bit “itchy” when someone mentions “returns” because there are so many different ways to calculate this.

I highly recommend using another tool than your broker(s) to hold a ledger of your transactions. Such tools will calculate a lot of things that none of the premium brokers offer.

This “tool” can range from excel/google doc sheets to premium PWC subscriptions.
For starters there are a few nice excel sheets people sell on internet for 3-5 dollars.

I personally use portfolio performance for years now, but a lot of people find it too detailed and clunky.

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Things get a bit complicated after a while and a lot of fun :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion.

I am rather confused now though. I don’t want to over stretch this shotdown idea.but… I really didn’t think I was over simplifying anything.

You add the green numbers and the red numbers from your transactions. Which is how (I’m assuming) the total return figure is worked out (see image)

Unless you’re bringing in Forex rates etc into it, I’m not sure what you mean ‘different ways to calculate it’…

Just so we are clear on my suggestion.


click on Tesla stock> click history> here I (would like to) see 2/3 figures. Along with the entire history. Similar to how the total return figure is under the history in settings area. (See image)

Is there a lot of calculations behind this figure which I have scrubbed off? Thought it was just adding all your returns, profits or losses to give one single figure?

So suggestion was…

Historically I lost 50 bucks on Tesla (shown in left as a red number with (-) )

Yesterday I made 60 (shown in green with a (+))
Maybe show
Total return of stock= 10 in the middle. Green if it’s positive, red if negative.

Just want to make sure we are on the same page and I haven’t suggested some over convoluted idea.

I just want to be able to look at Tesla and see at a glance that it’s made me a tenner. Rather than go through all my contract statements or individual transactions for that stock and calculate it manual

I think what you are asking for is absolute gains (without any date consideration or when was something in or out) which should be fairly simple +/- operation

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That sounds about right! But per stock.

My bad for not using technical terms. Apologies and thanks for putting up with it :blush:

Definitely on your page. I don’t want Trading 212 cluttered with information that you can get through a google search, but when it comes to your own personal performance metrics I want lots of these. This is a nice simple one that would be very helpful.
On top of this, I still really wish T212 would add a real return value. Not just a live return on open positions and a return on closed positions, just one value and percentage for absolutely everything so you really know how you’ve done
Sad thing for me is that I started in invest and moved everything into ISA a few months later so all my real share data is off, but in a few years I’m sure it won’t really be a big deal

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