PayPal as a payment method

There are no fees to have the refund come back to the original payment source or bank account. At least in the EEA, for PayPal.

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Is there anything i need to do before the PayPal deposit option becomes active? As i currently do not have it on the web or the app?

It will be available only under your CFD account.

Keep in mind that there are some regional/currency restrictions applied by PayPal, which we can’t bypass. RON, as an example, is not supported.

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can i solve this by changing the curency account or creating a new account in a different curency?

@stenfen Changing an account currency is not possible at this stage. Yet, you can open a new account with different currency and then PayPal will be available.

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I was hoping I would be able to use AMEX card for Paypal deposits, but I cannot see that option.

@hmelino You should be able to add AMEX card to your wallet on PayPal’s website, by navigating to ‘Wallet’ > click ‘Add a Card’. Yet, some local/currency restrictions may apply. Be sure to contact PayPal’s support team to sort this out. :v:

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Thank you for your reply, however it seems to be Paypal restriction as I cannot see my already linked AMEX card, neither add new one.
Can anybody confirm they deposited funds from their AMEX trough Paypal ?

Yup unfortunately looks like it is not allowing Amex. Even I can’t see the Amex option

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Hey @Tony.V any chance if you guys can please have a look at this? Is this because t212 doesn’t accept Amex?

@myths Sure, we’re checking it as we speak. I also contacted PayPal about it - I’ll keep you posted.


Hey mate any update on this?

The blocking is not from our end for sure. Rather, PayPal mentioned that AMEX is limited when it comes to deposits in CFD accounts. Nothing we can really do about this. :confused:

Cool thanks can’t help much I guess then?

Unfortunately, no. It is a restriction on PayPal level.

It depends, and our risk management team will determine this after checking an account, however, as mentioned before - we are flexible :slight_smile:

Hello Tony. Has this been figured out? I’m really interested in knowing aswell if I can withdraw to card or bank even though I funded my account with PayPal.

Thank you!

There isn’t a concrete answer here. Each account will be reviewed upon request, and then each client will be informed about the outcome of his particular case.

Where can I request that? I’m finding it difficult to talk to anyone in live chat these past days as I’m just there waiting for a long time without anyone agent joining the chat.

@Fabi0 You can send your request to: :v:

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