Funding via Paypal?

Hi guys,

Is it possible to fund via Paypal? If yes, how could I do that since I found on the app, there is no Paypal appearing on the screen.

Thanks :pray:

You can top up using paypal on CFD account only, then transfer in-app from CFD to Invest.

Can u tell me how to transfer via Paypal since I just see transfer via Bank/Visa/Apple pay and Skrill :slight_smile:

Not sure what your question is.

Go to CFD account, Deposit Funds, select Paypal.

Go to Manage funds, Move funds, Move from CFD to Invest.

@HueTran PayPal is not available in your region, Iā€™m afraid (PayPal applies the restriction). Feel free to use any of the other available payment methods, if convenient of course.

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This is amazing, sadly Paypal disabled Amex payments for T212, I thought this was my ticket to earning a million points :sob: