Deposit via PayPal?

Anyone know if you can deposit funds in (primarily CFD, but any) your account via PayPal? I’ve looked in this forum using PP as search term, with mixed results, so I’d like to ask any Old Hands if: you can have more than 1 payment method re: T212? e.g. to use PP, would I have to delete debit card from my T212 account?
Also, if you can fund trading account (CFD/ISA/INV.) via PP, is there a PP withdrawal “button” on T212 Deposit/Fund page, or do I have to do other way around e.g. go to PP account and send funds to T212 (and, if so, I’d need specific sort codes etc to make sure it landed in my account)? This prob a no-brainer+answer’s staring me in the face, but any pointers be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

Hi. You can have multiple payment methods and you don’t need to delete the debit card. You just need to select new founding source in the settings. Normally the funds can be withdrawn only into the first method that you used to fund your account and you need to contact the team if you want to withdraw in a specific account( they will happily help you)

Thanks a lot, big help

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