Penny stocks list request

Is there a list of all the available penny stocks currently on Trading 212 anywhere?

Would find it hugely helpful.

Thanks Darryl

What your definition of penny stocks?

Sub $1, sub £1?

I’ll make you a list

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Thanks so much! Anything below $1 would be amazing :slight_smile:

I’ll have to assume an FX rate for non USD assets… but cool… I’ll get on it …

Thank you! I’m happy to just have American stocks as that’s the main thing I’ll be trading if it’s easier!

Thanks again!


Quick hack, various exclusions, added a few “around” $1 incase the price moves down. “lastSale” is based on Nasdaq last trading day.

Basically will only be 99% accurate


@Finki Will it be to much to ask for the same version for UK?

Legend! Just what I needed. Hope you have a great new year.

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added another tab to the G Sheet above


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This doesn’t look right LLOY is 36p CINE is 64p etc

Which is what that sheet shows ?!?!

Ok sorry I saw penny stocks and was expecting under $5 or $1

My mistake.

Are there really only 70 stocks on T212 under a pound, crazy I thought I could name at least 100.

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Prices are correct where is problem? They are shown i GBP instead of GBX

Thanks so much man. Where did you get this data from?

Think there are quite a few missing from this as I can’t see PHE, NANO, BEG, RWI and AAF on the UK sheet for example.

@MAA @Metts666 all data hacked out of t212 at that moment in time. Errors and omissions likely. Took about 3 minutes. Quickly cross referenced with LSE and Nasdaq. I expect it to be only 91.523% accurate. Do with it what you will.

Yeah I think there are hundreds of GBX under 100. The 70 on the list seems a bit short.

I’ll take a look in a bit

So just looking at the LSE main market and AIM we have 559 GPX under 100. Edit2: listed in the post below.

Theres also handful trading on London in dollar and euro too (based on 1.37 GBP/USD and 1.13 GBP/EUR)


Yew Grove REIT PLC
Cairn Homes PLC
Blackstone/GSO Loan Financing Ltd
Bank of Cyprus Holdings PLC


WisdomTree Coffee 2x Daily Leveraged
GraniteShares 3x Short Apple Daily ETP
WisdomTree Corn
GraniteShares 3x Short UBER Daily ETP
Integrated Diagnostics Holdings PLC
Gulf Investment Fund PLC
WisdomTree Coffee
Ecofin US Renewables Infrastructure Trust PLC
Round Hill Music Royalty Fund
BioPharma Credit PLC
JPEL Private Equity Ltd
Symphony International Holdings Ltd
WisdomTree Lean Hogs
WisdomTree S&P 500 3x Daily Short
GraniteShares 3x Short Tesla Daily ETP
GraniteShares 3x Short NVIDIA Daily ETP
Fair Oaks Income Ltd
WisdomTree Wheat
Atlas Mara Ltd
US Solar Fund PLC
Alternative Liquidity Fund Ltd
WisdomTree Natural Gas
ICON Iconic Labs PLC 0.01195 XLON
EDL Edenville Energy PLC 0.02485 Illiquid AIM 2
AOGL Attis Oil and Gas Ltd 0.02494 Illiquid AIM 2
PREM Premier African Minerals Ltd 0.051 Illiquid AIM 2
BOIL Baron Oil PLC 0.06992 Illiquid AIM 2
TOOP Toople PLC 0.0899 XLON
KOD Kodal Minerals PLC 0.1 Illiquid AIM 1
MLVN Malvern International PLC 0.1295 Illiquid AIM 2
VAST Vast Resources PLC 0.12962 Illiquid AIM 2
GST Gstechnologies Ltd 0.13 XLON
MSMN Mosman Oil & Gas Ltd 0.1442 Illiquid AIM 2
UJO Union Jack Oil PLC 0.1491 Illiquid AIM 2
UKOG UK OIL & GAS PLC 0.1491 Illiquid AIM 2
KIBO Kibo Energy plc 0.17 Illiquid AIM 2
GWMO Great Western Mining Corp PLC 0.2192 Illiquid AIM 2
BZT Bezant Resources PLC 0.2391 Illiquid AIM 2
ADV Advance Energy PLC 0.2498 Illiquid AIM 2
MPL Mercantile Ports and Logistics Ltd 0.25 Illiquid AIM 2
LSAI Location Sciences Group PLC 0.3795 Illiquid AIM 2
SML Strategic Minerals Plc. 0.4 Illiquid AIM 2
CORO Coro Energy PLC 0.4177 Illiquid AIM 2
MSYS Microsaic Systems PLC 0.45 Illiquid AIM 2
TOM TomCo Energy PLC 0.4583 Illiquid AIM 2
MOGP Mountfield Group PLC 0.499 Illiquid AIM 2
ALBA Alba Mineral Resources plc 0.527 Illiquid AIM 2
TRX Tissue Regenix Group Plc 0.529 Illiquid AIM 2
ECHO Echo Energy PLC 0.549 Illiquid AIM 2
ORCP Oracle Power PLC 0.55 Illiquid AIM 2
UPL Upland Resources Ltd 0.55 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
SYME Supply@Me Capital PLC 0.569 XLON
TRAF Trafalgar Property Group PLC 0.597 Illiquid AIM 2
DKE Dukemount Capital PLC 0.646 XLON
IDE Ide Group Holdings PLC 0.7 Illiquid AIM 2
BOR Borders & Southern Petroleum PLC 0.7052 Illiquid AIM 1
BOD Botswana Diamonds PLC 0.791 Illiquid AIM 2
PXS Provexis PLC 0.795 Illiquid AIM 1
MNRG Metalnrg PLC 0.798 XLON
THR Thor Mining PLC 0.8 Illiquid AIM 2
ANGS Angus Energy PLC 0.8955 Illiquid AIM 2
ROCK Rockfire Resources PLC 0.9 Illiquid AIM 2
RRR Red Rock Resources PLC 0.992 Illiquid AIM 2
BBSN Brave Bison Group PLC 0.998 Illiquid AIM 2
STAR Starcom PLC 1 Illiquid AIM 2
SCIR Scirocco Energy PLC 1 Illiquid AIM 2
FLX Falanx Group Ltd 1.046 Illiquid AIM 2
CRCL Corcel PLC 1.05 Illiquid AIM 2
REAT REACT Group PLC 1.29 Illiquid AIM 2
ZEN Zenith Energy Ltd 1.2952 XLON
DELT Deltic Energy PLC 1.297 Illiquid AIM 2
SOU Sound Energy PLC 1.33 Illiquid AIM 1
SCGL Sealand Capital Galaxy Ltd 1.34 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
AEG Active Energy Group PLC 1.341 Illiquid AIM 2
RMS Remote Monitored Systems PLC 1.38 Illiquid AIM 2
KZG Kazera Global PLC 1.39 Illiquid AIM 2
EDR Egdon Resources PLC 1.4 Illiquid AIM 2
3LRR GraniteShares 3x Long Rolls-Royce Daily ETP 1.415 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
TAVI Tavistock Investments PLC 1.5 Illiquid AIM 2
GLR Galileo Resources PLC 1.591 Illiquid AIM 2
AMC Amur Minerals Corporation 1.596 Illiquid AIM 1
CCAP Conduity Capital PLC 1.6 Illiquid AIM 2
ORM Ormonde Mining PLC 1.68 Illiquid AIM 2
IIP Infrastructure India PLC 1.681 Illiquid AIM 2
INTU Intu Properties PLC 1.684 XLON
PPC President Energy PLC 1.69 Illiquid AIM 2
PDL Petra Diamonds Ltd 1.717 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
XTR Xtract Resources PLC 1.75 Illiquid AIM 2
LEK Lekoil Ltd 1.78 Illiquid AIM 2
STA Star Phoenix Group Ltd 1.8 Illiquid AIM 2
KEFI Kefi Gold and Copper plc 1.865 Illiquid AIM 1
MHC MyHealthChecked Plc 1.88 Illiquid AIM 2
COBR Cobra Resources PLC 1.88 XLON
CCZ Castillo Copper Limited 1.94 Illiquid AIM 2
PXEN Prospex Energy PLC 2 Illiquid AIM 2
KAT Katoro Gold PLC 2.18 Illiquid AIM 2
BPC Bahamas Petroleum PLC 2.183 Illiquid AIM 2
QFI Quadrise Fuels International PLC 2.21 Illiquid AIM 1
HMI Harvest Minerals Ltd 2.28 Illiquid AIM 2
FOX Fox Marble Holdings PLC 2.38 Illiquid AIM 2
ATM AfriTin Mining Ltd 2.38 Illiquid AIM 2
MWG Modern Water PLC 2.4 Illiquid AIM 2
ALGW Alpha Growth PLC 2.49 XLON
ARG Argos Resources Ltd 2.5 Illiquid AIM 2
HUR Hurricane Energy PLC 2.52 Illiquid AIM 1
EQT EQTEC PLC 2.5436 Illiquid AIM 2
POW Power Metal Resources PLC 2.68 Illiquid AIM 2
NFX Nuformix PLC 2.69 XLON
ITX Itaconix PLC 2.69 Illiquid AIM 2
TLOU Tlou Energy Ltd. 2.78 Illiquid AIM 2
ZAIM Zaim Credit Systems PLC 2.79 XLON
COM Comptoir Group PLC 2.79 Illiquid AIM 2
GLIF GLI Finance Ltd 2.79 Illiquid AIM 2
UOG United Oil & Gas PLC 2.83 Illiquid AIM 2
SENX Serinus Energy PLC 2.87 Illiquid AIM 2
DCI Dolphin Capital Investors Ltd 3.08 Illiquid AIM 2
WBI Woodbois Ltd 3.09 Illiquid AIM 2
NSF Non-Standard Finance PLC 3.1 XLON
PRIM PRIMORUS Investments PLC 3.5 Illiquid AIM 2
EEE Empire Metals Ltd 3.68 Illiquid AIM 2
PRD Predator Oil & Gas Holdings PLC 3.68 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
GFIN Gfinity plc 3.69 Illiquid AIM 2
PRM Proteome Sciences PLC 3.69 Illiquid AIM 1
MVR MelodyVR Group plc 3.73 Illiquid AIM 2
BMV Bluebird Merchant Ventures Ltd 3.89 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
IMMO Immotion Group PLC 3.97 Illiquid AIM 2
MATD Petro Matad Ltd 3.98 Illiquid AIM 2
BLVN BowLeven PLC 4.02 Illiquid AIM 1
DKL Dekel Agri-Vision PLC 4.07 Illiquid AIM 2
WSG Westminster Group PLC 4.09 Illiquid AIM 2
BEM Beowulf Mining PLC 4.09 Illiquid AIM 2
HAYD Haydale Graphene Industries PLC 4.17 Illiquid AIM 2
SAV Savannah Resources PLC 4.29 Illiquid AIM 2
JAN Jangada Mines PLC 4.47 Illiquid AIM 2
PGR Phoenix Global Resources PLC 4.47 Illiquid AIM 1
HNG Hawkwing PLC 4.5 XLON
PNPL Pineapple Power Corp PLC 4.7312 XLON
MMX Minds plus Machines Group Ltd 4.8 Illiquid AIM 2
INX I-Nexus Global PLC 4.96 Illiquid AIM 2
AAU Ariana Resources PLC 4.97 Illiquid AIM 2
EME Empyrean Energy PLC 4.98 Illiquid AIM 2
EVE Eve Sleep Limited 4.983 Illiquid AIM 1
MMM Mining Minerals & Metals PLC 4.99 XLON
VOG Victoria Oil & Gas PLC 5 Illiquid AIM 1
EML Emmerson plc 5.066 Illiquid AIM 2
ARS Asiamet Resources Ltd 5.16 Illiquid AIM 2
NCCL Ncondezi Energy Ltd 5.26 Illiquid AIM 2
I3E i3 Energy plc 5.266 Illiquid AIM 2
GILD Guild Esports PLC 5.49 XLON
CRTM Critical Metals PLC 5.49 XLON
PERE Pembridge Resources PLC 5.5 XLON
GCG Golden Rock Global PLC 5.74 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
GMS Gulf Marine Services PLC 5.78 XLON
OMIP One Media iP Group PLC 5.8 Illiquid AIM 2
AST Ascent Resources PLC 5.96 Illiquid AIM 2
RDT Rosslyn Data Technologies PLC 5.96 Illiquid AIM 2
RKH Rockhopper Exploration 6.093 Illiquid AIM 1
QUIZ Quiz PLC 6.47 Illiquid AIM 1
AYM Anglesey Mining PLC 6.5 XLON
TERN Tern PLC 6.56 Illiquid AIM 2
HE1 Helium One Global Ltd. 6.95 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
OKYO OKYO Pharma Ltd. 6.96 Illiquid AIM 2
SAL SpaceandPeople PLC 7.23 Illiquid AIM 2
ESL Eddie Stobart Logistics PLC 7.28 Illiquid AIM 2
BRES Blencowe Resources PLC 7.46 XLON
BIDS Bidstack Group plc 7.49 Illiquid AIM 2
AGTA Agriterra Ltd 7.5 Illiquid AIM 1
AAAP Anglo African Agriculture PLC 7.5 XLON
ZIOC Zanaga Iron Ore Co Ltd 7.88 Illiquid AIM 1
GCM GCM Resources PLC 7.96 Illiquid AIM 2
CGO Contango Holdings PLC 7.96 XLON
CORA Cora Gold Ltd 8 Illiquid AIM 2
AMGO Amigo Holdings PLC 8.03 XLON
CHAR Chariot Oil & Gas Ltd 8.15 Illiquid AIM 1
N4P N4 Pharma PLC 8.17 Illiquid AIM 2
FTC Filtronic PLC 8.24 Illiquid AIM 2
OVB Ovoca Bio PLC 8.46 Illiquid AIM 2
MBO MobilityOne Ltd 8.5 Illiquid AIM 2
PTY Parity Group PLC 8.72 Illiquid AIM 2
VDTK Verditek PLC 8.78 Illiquid AIM 2
SEY Sterling Energy PLC 8.96 Illiquid AIM 1
DPP DP Poland plc 8.96 Illiquid AIM 1
NOG Nostrum Oil & Gas PLC 8.961 XLON
MAFL Mineral & Financial Investments Ltd 9.19 Illiquid AIM 2
MYSL MySale Group PLC 9.41 Illiquid AIM 1
HEMO Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals PLC 9.47 XLON
SIXH 600 Group PLC 9.5 Illiquid AIM 2
PHE Powerhouse Energy Group plc 9.67 Illiquid AIM 2
NANO Nanoco Group PLC 9.77 XLON
FCCN French Connection Group PLC 9.79 XLON
CNG China Nonferrous Gold Ltd 9.95 Illiquid AIM 1
ARE Arena Events Group PLC 9.96 Illiquid AIM 2
PEB Pebble Beach Systems Group PLC 9.98 Illiquid AIM 2
FAR Ferro-Alloy Resources Ltd 9.98 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
VLS Velocys PLC 9.98 Illiquid AIM 1
FUL Fulham Shore PLC 10 Illiquid AIM 2
CRU Coral Products PLC 10 Illiquid AIM 2
EVG Evgen Pharma PLC 10.17 Illiquid AIM 2
WPHO Windar Photonics PLC 10.46 Illiquid AIM 2
RBW Rainbow Rare Earths Ltd 10.46 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
HSS HSS Hire Group PLC 10.47 XLON
TRIN Trinity Exploration & Production PLC 10.67 Illiquid AIM 2
ZNWD Zinnwald Lithium PLC 10.92 Illiquid AIM 2
KMK Kromek Group PLC 10.97 Illiquid AIM 2
MTC Mothercare PLC 10.99 XLON
ENQ EnQuest PLC 11.353 XLON
ANIC Agronomics Ltd 11.42 Illiquid AIM 2
EAAS Eenergy Group PLC 11.46 Illiquid AIM 2
OHG ONE Heritage Group PLC 11.5 XLON
IRR IronRidge Resources Ltd 11.91 Illiquid AIM 1
RNO Renold PLC 11.94 Illiquid AIM 1
JAY BlueJay Mining PLC 12.13 Illiquid AIM 1
IOF Iofina PLC 12.45 Illiquid AIM 2
PHC Plant Health Care PLC 12.69 Illiquid AIM 1
PDG Pendragon PLC 12.86 XLON
IOG Independent Oil & Gas PLC 12.92 Illiquid AIM 2
CPX Cap-XX Ltd 12.96 Illiquid AIM 2
SAVE Savannah Energy PLC 13.15 Illiquid AIM 1
IMM ImmuPharma PLC 13.18 Illiquid AIM 1
CHF Chesterfield Resources PLC 13.42 XLON
MNO Maestrano Group PLC 13.46 Illiquid AIM 2
INSE Inspired Energy PLC 13.48 Illiquid AIM 2
KDNC Cadence Minerals PLC 13.91 Illiquid AIM 2
SCLP Scancell Holdings PLC 13.96 Illiquid AIM 2
MED Intelligent Ultrasound Group PLC 13.98 Illiquid AIM 2
IGAS IGas Energy PLC 14.01 Illiquid AIM 1
PALM Panther Metals plc 14.42 Illiquid AIM 2
3LBP GraniteShares 3x Long BP Daily ETP 14.44 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
DEV DEV Clever Holdings PLC 14.64 XLON
ALT Altitude Group PLC 14.92 Illiquid AIM 2
FUM Futura Medical PLC 14.95 Illiquid AIM 2
ESC Escape Hunt PLC 14.96 Illiquid AIM 2
VRE VR Education Holdings PLC 14.96 Illiquid AIM 2
NTQ Enteq Upstream PLC 14.98 Illiquid AIM 2
MUST Mustang Energy PLC 15 XLON
WSBN Wishbone Gold PLC 15.42 Illiquid AIM 2
OPG OPG Power Ventures PLC 15.43 Illiquid AIM 2
TEK Tekcapital PLC 15.45 Illiquid AIM 2
CAR Carclo PLC 15.6 XLON
AGY Allergy Therapeutics PLC 15.91 Illiquid AIM 2
SSTY Safestay PLC 15.99 Illiquid AIM 2
KKVL KKV Secured Loan Fund Ltd 16.41 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
AAA All Active Asset Capital LTD 16.46 Illiquid AIM 1
SOS Sosandar PLC 16.46 Illiquid AIM 2
SHG Shanta Gold Ltd. 16.71 Illiquid AIM 1
SDX SDX Energy PLC 16.92 Illiquid AIM 2
AUTG Autins Group PLC 17 Illiquid AIM 2
FA/ Fireangel Safety Technology Group PLC 17.38 Illiquid AIM 2
WEN Wentworth Resources PLC 17.39 Illiquid AIM 2
POS Plexus Holdings PLC 17.87 Illiquid AIM 2
PHAR Pharos Energy PLC 18.24 XLON
BMN Bushveld Minerals Limited 19.21 Illiquid AIM 2
PMO Premier Oil PLC 19.75 XLON
OSI Osirium Technologies PLC 19.98 Illiquid AIM 2
VEL Velocity Composites PLC 19.99 Illiquid AIM 2
TLY Totally PLC 20.46 Illiquid AIM 2
SAE Simec Atlantis Energy Ltd 20.92 Illiquid AIM 2
ENW Enwell Energy PLC 20.98 Illiquid AIM 1
ADAM Adamas Finance Asia Ltd 21 Illiquid AIM 2
LOOK Lookers PLC 21 XLON
IIG Intuitive Investments Group plc 21.39 Illiquid AIM 2
GMR Gaming Realms PLC 21.57 Illiquid AIM 1
FCAP finnCap Group PLC 21.94 Illiquid AIM 2
SBTX Skinbiotherapeutics PLC 21.95 Illiquid AIM 2
CGH Chaarat Gold Holdings Ltd 21.96 Illiquid AIM 1
VGAS Volga Gas PLC 22 Illiquid AIM 2
RBG Revolution Bars Group Plc 22.82 Illiquid AIM 2
MTR Metal Tiger PLC 22.95 Illiquid AIM 2
SO4 Salt Lake Potash Ltd. 22.96 Illiquid AIM 2
PAF Pan African Resources plc 23.47 Illiquid AIM 1
GRC GRC International Group PLC 23.92 Illiquid AIM 2
SLE San Leon Energy PLC 24.07 Illiquid AIM 1
MERC Mercia Asset Management PLC 24.27 Illiquid AIM 2
ORPH Open Orphan PLC 24.42 Illiquid AIM 2
BRSD BrandShield Systems PLC 24.69 Illiquid AIM 2
HMSO Hammerson PLC 24.82 XLON
MTPH Midatech Pharma PLC 24.85 Illiquid AIM 2
BILB Bilby PLC 24.97 Illiquid AIM 2
WINV Worsley Investors Ltd 24.99 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
STOB Stobart Group Ltd 25 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
DNA Doric Nimrod Air One Ltd. 25 Illiquid AIM 2
MCLS McColl’s Retail Group PLC 25.05 XLON
THRU Thruvision Group PLC 25.31 Illiquid AIM 2
TSI Two Shields Investments PLC 25.477 Illiquid AIM 2
SPO Sportech PLC 26.44 XLON
CIR Circassia Pharmaceuticals Plc 26.73 Illiquid AIM 1
KWG Kingswood Holdings Ltd 26.92 Illiquid AIM 2
RAV Raven Property Group Limited 27.132 XLON
LMS LMS Capital PLC 27.87 XLON
CAU Centaur Media PLC 27.93 XLON
EQLS Equals Group PLC 27.95 Illiquid AIM 2
SNWS Smith News PLS 28.01 XLON
TUNG Tungsten Corp PLC 28.99 Illiquid AIM 1
3LRD GraniteShares 3x Long Royal Dutch Shell Daily ETP 28.995 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
TLW Tullow Oil PLC 29.17 XLON
DUKE Duke Royalty Ltd 29.33 Illiquid AIM 2
PIER Brighton Pier Group PLC 29.81 Illiquid AIM 2
C4XD C4X Discovery Holdings PLC 29.85 Illiquid AIM 2
JKX JKX Oil & Gas PLC 30.39 XLON
SUPP Schroder UK Public Private Trust PLC 30.62 XLON
DVRG Deepverge PLC 30.962 Illiquid AIM 1
APP Appreciate Group PLC 31.35 Illiquid AIM 1
POG Petropavlovsk PLC 31.74 XLON
PAT Panthera Resources PLC 31.82 Illiquid AIM 2
XLM XLMedia plc 31.92 Illiquid AIM 2
SOLG SolGold PLC 32.235 XLON
HUM Hummingbird Resources PLC 32.36 Illiquid AIM 2
ALM Allied Minds PLC 32.6 XLON
SEEN Seeen PLC 32.72 Illiquid AIM 2
VTU Vertu Motors PLC 32.91 Illiquid AIM 1
XPD Xpediator PLC 32.91 Illiquid AIM 2
ARB Argo Blockchain plc 32.91 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
WEY Wey Education PLC 33.82 Illiquid AIM 2
LFI London Finance & Investment Group PLC 33.92 XLON
AA4 Amedeo Air Four Plus Ltd 34 Illiquid AIM 2
ENET Ethernity Networks Ltd 34.84 Illiquid AIM 2
ZOL Zoltav Resources Inc 34.85 Illiquid AIM 2
LIV Livermore Investments Group Ltd 34.88 Illiquid AIM 1
FCRM Fulcrum Utility Services Ltd 34.91 Illiquid AIM 2
DX/ DX Group PLC 34.93 Illiquid AIM 2
TMO Time out Group PLC 34.98 Illiquid AIM 2
SIS Science in Sport plc 35 Illiquid AIM 1
KRM KRM22 PLC 35 Illiquid AIM 2
GGP Greatland Gold plc 35.91 Illiquid AIM 2
ATQT Attraqt Group Ltd. 35.94 Illiquid AIM 2
GMAA Gama Aviation PLC 35.98 Illiquid AIM 2
LLOY Lloyds Banking Group PLC 36.66 XLON
PTRO Pelatro PLC 36.83 Illiquid AIM 2
PMG Parkmead Group PLC 37.42 Illiquid AIM 1
PXC Phoenix Copper Ltd 37.84 Illiquid AIM 2
SECG SEC Newgate SpA 37.99 Illiquid AIM 2
SREI Schroder Real Estate Investment Trust Ltd 38.84 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
MIG1 Maven Income & Growth VCT PLC 38.92 XLON
SFE SafeStyle UK PLC 39.01 Illiquid AIM 1
CPI Capita PLC 39.2 XLON
AGM Applied Graphene Materials plc 39.83 Illiquid AIM 2
TRR Trident Royalties PLC 39.92 Illiquid AIM 2
VANL Van Elle Holdings PLC 39.96 Illiquid AIM 2
SRT SRT Marine Systems PLC 40.99 Illiquid AIM 2
MTO Mitie Group PLC 41 XLON
RWI Renewi PLC 41.081 XLON
VRS Versarien plc 41.1 Illiquid AIM 1
GEMD Gem Diamonds Ltd 41.57 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
MODE Mode Global Holdings PLC 41.76 XLON
CARD Card Factory PLC 41.8 XLON
OAP3 Octopus Apollo VCT PLC 42 XLON
MIRI Mirriad Advertising PLC 42.73 Illiquid AIM 1
INCE Ince Group PLC 42.76 Illiquid AIM 2
HSD Hansard Global PLC 42.96 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
PANR Pantheon Resources PLC 42.97 Illiquid AIM 1
STAF Staffline Group PLC 43.28 Illiquid AIM 1
DNA3 Doric Nimrod Air Three Ltd. 43.85 Illiquid AIM 2
EMR Empresaria Group PLC 43.95 Illiquid AIM 2
NAH NAHL Group PLC 43.98 Illiquid AIM 1
DEVC Draper Esprit VCT PLC 44.12 XLON
NSCI NetScientific PLC 44.76 Illiquid AIM 2
AEXG AEX Gold Inc. 44.96 Illiquid AIM 2
PHD PROACTIS Holdings PLC 44.99 Illiquid AIM 2
RDL RDL Realisation PLC 45 XLON
MJH MJ Hudson Group PLC 45.78 Illiquid AIM 2
RSG Resolute Mining, Ltd. 45.862 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
CNA Centrica PLC 46.51 XLON
GDR Genedrive PLC 46.84 Illiquid AIM 2
INFA Infrastrata PLC 46.92 Illiquid AIM 2
BSC British Smaller Cos VCT2 PLC 47.14 XLON
3LLL GraniteShares 3x Long Lloyds Banking Group Daily ETP 47.689 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
REC Record PLC 47.81 XLON
TRD Triad Group PLC 47.82 XLON
MCL Morses Club PLC 47.89 Illiquid AIM 1
NTV Northern 2 VCT PLC 48 XLON
PHTM Photo-Me International PLC 49.48 XLON
CIP CIP Merchant Capital Ltd 49.72 Illiquid AIM 2
PGOO Proven Growth & Income VCT PLC 49.94 XLON
MIG3 Maven Income And Growth VCT 3 PLC 49.99 XLON
3SBC GraniteShares 3x Short Barclays Daily ETP 50.024 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
IDOX IDOX plc 50.1 Illiquid AIM 1
NCYF CQS New City High Yield Fund Ltd 50.2 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
RAI RA International Group PLC 50.85 Illiquid AIM 2
NAR Northamber PLC 51.64 Illiquid AIM 2
DDV1 Downing One VCT PLC 51.86 XLON
FOXT Foxtons Group PLC 52.55 XLON
CNKS Cenkos Securities PLC 54.68 Illiquid AIM 2
ORCH Orchard Funding Group PLC 54.88 Illiquid AIM 2
ZIN Zinc Media Group PLC 55 Illiquid AIM 2
BISI Bisichi PLC 55 XLON
TRU Trufin PLC 55 Illiquid AIM 2
RE R.E.A. Holdings PLC 55.66 XLON
MIX Mobeus Income & Growth VCT PLC 55.72 XLON
DNL Diurnal Group PLC 55.84 Illiquid AIM 2
TPT Topps Tiles PLC 55.95 XLON
OPTI OptiBiotix Health PLC 56.78 Illiquid AIM 2
CAMB Cambria Automobiles PLC 56.97 Illiquid AIM 2
VRCI Verici Dx plc 57.78 Illiquid AIM 2
DSM Downing Strategic Micro-Cap Investment Trust PLC 57.83 XLON
FTV Foresight VCT PLC 57.88 XLON
AIRE Alternative Income REIT PLC 57.94 XLON
IDP Innovaderma plc 57.96 Illiquid AIM 2
COST Costain Group PLC 58.02 XLON
WTG Watchstone Group PLC 58.36 Illiquid AIM 1
BREI BMO Real Estate Investments Ltd 58.85 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
SLI Standard Life Investments Property Income Trust Ltd. 59.04 XLON
OMU Old Mutual Ltd. 59.35 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
REDX Redx Pharma PLC 59.58 Illiquid AIM 2
ALAI Aberdeen Latin American Income Fund Ltd 59.74 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
JSE Jadestone Energy, Inc. 59.8 Illiquid AIM 2
DFCH Distribution Finance Capital Holdings PLC 59.95 Illiquid AIM 2
ZOO Zoo Digital Group PLC 59.96 Illiquid AIM 2
RBGP RBG Holdings PLC 59.97 Illiquid AIM 2
BWNG N Brown Group PLC 60.274 XLON
CRL Creighton’s PLC 60.68 XLON
UAI U & I Group PLC 60.88 XLON
SUR Sureserve Group PLC 61.7 Illiquid AIM 2
STX Shield Therapeutics PLC 61.75 Illiquid AIM 2
ACRL Accrol Group Holdings PLC 61.78 Illiquid AIM 2
BMK Benchmark Holdings PLC 61.78 Illiquid AIM 2
HRN Hornby PLC. 61.82 Illiquid AIM 2
INL Inland Homes plc 61.93 Illiquid AIM 2
MAV4 Maven Income And Growth VCT4 PLC 61.96 XLON
TGR Tirupati Graphite plc 62.64 Illiquid AIM 2
ECK Eckoh PLC 62.76 Illiquid AIM 2
AATG Albion Technology & General VCT PLC 62.78 XLON
BCN Bacanora Lithium plc 62.81 Illiquid AIM 1
SCRF SME Credit Realisation Fund Ltd 62.92 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
SEPL SEPLAT Petroleum Development Co PLC 63.07 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
LIT Litigation Capital Management LTD 63.85 Illiquid AIM 1
BSV British Smaller Companies VCT PLC 63.91 XLON
SHOE Shoe Zone plc 64 Illiquid AIM 2
3SRI GraniteShares 3x Short Rio Tinto Daily ETP 64.145 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
CINE Cineworld Group PLC 64.22 XLON
FIPP Frontier IP Group PLC 64.81 Illiquid AIM 2
EPIC Ediston Property Investment Co PLC 64.83 XLON
RTN Restaurant Group PLC 64.83 XLON
BRCK Brickability Group PLC 64.85 Illiquid AIM 2
TGP Tekmar Group PLC 64.99 Illiquid AIM 2
HUNT Hunters Property PLC 65 Illiquid AIM 2
DEST Destiny Pharma PLC 65.53 Illiquid AIM 2
POLX Polarean Imaging Plc 65.68 Illiquid AIM 2
FTSV Foresight Solar and Technology VCT PLC 65.75 XLON
COG Cambridge Cognition Holdings PLC 65.83 Illiquid AIM 2
VARE Various Eateries plc 65.93 Illiquid AIM 2
ASIT Aberforth Split Level Income Trust PLC 66.46 XLON
GYG GYG PLC 66.9 Illiquid AIM 2
MPO Macau Property Opportunities Fund Ltd 67.41 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
MIG4 Mobeus Income & Growth 4 VCT PLC 67.44 XLON
COA Coats Group PLC 67.48 XLON
UEX Urban Exposure PLC 67.82 Illiquid AIM 2
MINI Miton UK MicroCap Trust PLC 68.44 XLON
VEN2 Ventus 2 VCT PLC 68.76 XLON
ZOE Zoetic International PLC 68.93 XLON
SGEM Scotgems PLC 68.96 XLON
UKCM UK Commercial Property REIT Ltd 69.19 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
BVT Baronsmead Venture Trust PLC 69.41 XLON
SDY Speedy Hire PLC 69.72 XLON
JUST Just Group PLC 69.74 XLON
SFR Severfield PLC 69.84 XLON
GHG Georgia Healthcare Group PLC 69.94 XLON
IPE INVESCO Perpetual Enhanced Inc 69.95 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
CAL Capital & Regional PLC 70.311 XLON
BSRT Baker Steel Resources Trust Ltd 70.6 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
ANG Angling Direct PLC 70.63 Illiquid AIM 2
EKF EKF Diagnostics Holdings plc 70.9 Illiquid AIM 1
RPS RPS Group PLC 71.26 XLON
BMD Baronsmead Second Venture Trust PLC 71.4 XLON
INHC Induction Healthcare Group PLC 71.7 Illiquid AIM 2
TSL ThinkSmart Ltd 71.76 Illiquid AIM 2
AIR Air Partner PLC 71.97 XLON
TIGT Troy Income & Growth Trust PLC 72.47 XLON
AADV Albion Development VCT PLC 72.82 XLON
IQE IQE plc 72.98 Illiquid AIM 1
RNEP Ecofin US Renewables Infrastructure Trust PLC 73.22 XLON
W7L Warpaint London PLC 73.64 Illiquid AIM 1
ESP Empiric Student Property PLC 73.96 XLON
FGP Firstgroup PLC 74.1 XLON
PCTN Picton Property Income Ltd 74.27 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
MIG Mobeus Income & Growth 2 VCT PLC 74.47 XLON
SGC Stagecoach Group PLC 74.7 XLON
MARS Marston’s PLC 75.08 XLON
AAF Airtel Africa PLC 75.174 XLON
AGR Assura PLC 76.38 XLON
GATC Gattaca PLC 76.63 Illiquid AIM 2
GETB GetBusy PLC 76.63 Illiquid AIM 2
BERI Blackrock Energy and Resources Income Trust Plc 76.78 XLON
KIE Kier Group PLC 76.99 XLON
HSW Hostelworld Group Plc 77.92 XLON
AFC AFC Energy Plc 78.064 Illiquid AIM 1
VSL VPC Specialty Lending Investments PLC 78.35 XLON
FIF Finsbury Food Group PLC 78.91 Illiquid AIM 2
DCTA Directa Plus plc 79 Illiquid AIM 1
RE.B R.E.A. Holdings PLC 9% PRF 79.297 XLON
ULS ULS Technology PLC 79.39 Illiquid AIM 1
RENE ReNeuron Group PLC 79.58 Illiquid AIM 2
IHC Inspiration Healthcare Group PLC 79.81 Illiquid AIM 2
DWF DWF Group PLC 79.86 XLON
ALS Altus Strategies PLC 80 Illiquid AIM 2
BCPT BMO Commercial Property Trust Ltd 80 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
NBMI NB Global Monthly Income Fund Ltd 80.94 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
BAKK Bakkavor Group PLC 80.98 XLON
SAA M&C Saatchi PLC 81.15 Illiquid AIM 1
LOOP LoopUp Group PLC 81.62 Illiquid AIM 2
CIN City of London Group PLC 81.64 Illiquid AIM 2
RGL Regional REIT Ltd. 81.691 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
IPF International Personal Finance PLC 81.78 XLON
MCB McBride PLC 82.11 XLON
IGC India Capital Growth Fund Ltd 82.83 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
OBD Oxford BioDynamics PLC 82.96 Illiquid AIM 1
PBLT TOC Property Backed Lending Trust PLC 84 XLON
CPC City Pub Group PLC 84.55 Illiquid AIM 2
WGB Walker Greenbank PLC 84.66 Illiquid AIM 2
VVO Vivo Energy PLC 84.99 XLON
TRB Tribal Group PLC 85.29 Illiquid AIM 1
RMDL RM Secured Direct Lending PLC 85.81 XLON
SLP Sylvania Platinum Ltd. 85.82 Illiquid AIM 2
LBOW ICG-Longbow Senior Secured UK Property Debt Investments Ltd 85.91 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
MACF Macfarlane Group PLC 85.95 XLON
BREE Breedon Group plc 86.9 Illiquid AIM 2
MATE JPMorgan Multi-Asset Trust PLC 87.29 XLON
APH Alliance Pharma PLC 87.433 Illiquid AIM 1
TON Titon Holdings PLC 87.72 Illiquid AIM 2
CREI Custodian Reit PLC 87.77 XLON
RESI Residential Secure Income PLC 88.153 XLON
SMIF TwentyFour Select Monthly Income Fund Ltd 88.34 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
GABI GCP Asset Backed Income Fund Ltd 88.86 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
BBB Bigblu Broadband PLC 89.34 Illiquid AIM 2
TENG Ten Lifestyle Group PLC 89.46 Illiquid AIM 1
TILS Tiziana Life Sciences plc 89.75 Illiquid AIM 2
SWEF Starwood European Real Estate Finance Ltd 89.76 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
FCH Funding Circle Holdings PLC 89.81 XLON
SURE Sure Ventures PLC 89.9 Illiquid AIM 2
MGCI M&G Credit Income Investment Trust PLC 90.28 XLON
CNIC CentralNic Group PLC 90.28 Illiquid AIM 1
SNR Senior PLC 90.4 XLON
ABDX Abingdon Health plc 90.53 Illiquid AIM 2
FLO Flowtech Fluidpower PLC 90.53 Illiquid AIM 1
JPEI JPMorgan Elect plc - Managed Income 90.64 XLON
HDIV Henderson Diversified Income Trust PLC 90.81 XLON
MCT Middlefield Canadian Income PCC 90.85 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
EPWN Epwin Group PLC 90.9 Illiquid AIM 1
3LBC GraniteShares 3x Long Barclays Daily ETP 90.934 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
BVC BATM Advanced Communications Ltd 91.58 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
VLG Venture Life Group plc 91.715 Illiquid AIM 2
FLTA Filta Group Holdings PLC 91.75 Illiquid AIM 2
SRE Sirius Real Estate Ltd 92.68 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
BEG Begbies Traynor Group plc 93.1 Illiquid AIM 1
BKS Beeks Financial Cloud Group PLC 93.64 Illiquid AIM 2
JEFI Jupiter Emerging & Frontier Income Trust , PLC 93.7 XLON
GFM Griffin Mining Ltd 93.73 Illiquid AIM 2
CCPG CVC Credit Partners European Opportunities Ltd 94.13 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
YU Yu Group PLC 94.63 Illiquid AIM 2
FRAN Franchise Brands PLC 94.76 Illiquid AIM 2
IQG IQGEO Group PLC 94.83 Illiquid AIM 2
VEN Ventus VCT PLC 95.78 XLON
3SGL GraniteShares 3x Short Glencore Daily ETP 95.931 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
CTO TClarke PLC 96.73 XLON
TALK TalkTalk Telecom Group PLC 97.1 XLON
EBOX Tritax EuroBox plc 97.343 XLON
DIVI Diverse Income Trust PLC/ The 97.5 XLON
SGZ Scotgold Resources Ltd 97.81 Illiquid AIM 2
MHN Menhaden PLC 97.88 XLON
SBO Schroder British Opportunities Trust plc 98 XLON
JARA JPMorgan Global Core Real Assets Ltd 98.34 XLON NO STAMP DUTY
IPO IP Group PLC 98.4 XLON
DORE Downing Renewables & Infrastructure Trust plc 98.91 Illiquid AIM 2
GV2O Gresham House Renewable Energy VCT 2 PLC 99 XLON
ADIG Aberdeen Diversified Income and Growth Trust PLC 99.13 XLON
SERE Schroder European Real Estate Investment Trust PLC 99.86 XLON
CIC Conygar Investment Co PLC 99.92 Illiquid AIM 2
JPEC JPMorgan Elect plc - Managed Cash 100 XLON

Damn bro that list got some

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Once all these are added will we see a Phil’s Penny Stock Pie? :wink: :joy:

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