Stock OREAF Linited to To Sell

Hi. Does anyone know why $OREAF is set to sell only. Theres no justification set. Just when i try and buy they say i can not. I need to average down, but i am not allowed. Just would like to know the reason. Thanks

Orea Mining (OREAF) is among the small market cap companies set on Close-only mode. There is a piece of additional information in the article here from our Help Centre. We’ll update the article if anything changes.

Thanks for putting the tag after i let you know. This reatriction was put in place about 1 month after this stock was added to the platform. Why did you add if you where going to suspend it? T212 has done this a few times this past year and this particular ticker was not volatile. Finally if you pls ubfreeze the buy so i can average down even with a few shares at a time. That would be appreciated

The restrictions are in place due to unexpected trading volumes that trigger concerns from regulators and liquidity providers. Once the Close-only for this particular instrument is removed, we’ll let you know.

On a side note, we’ll also share updates as soon as there are changes for other instruments that are currently in Close-only mode too.