Period selection: 5 and 15 minutes

Would it be possible to add 5 and 15 minutes as additional period options for charts on the web platform?

Even though I find that charts based on hourly and daily candles are enough for long-term investments, I’m missing 5 and 15 minute charts when checking short-term trends.

Thank you.


We can and did have them at one point.

Since, however, we are constantly monitoring and adapting to statistical data on user behaviour, trimming features that are very rarely used or used by a very minor fraction of our users is a necessity to achieve an UI with minimal-to-no clutter.

We constantly re-evaluate such things and this is no exception. It might be changed in the near future.

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I would agree that 5 and 15 mins would be good. I find that 1m is too fine whereas 1 hour is too gross. I like the way Degiro gives you a graph of prices of the current day: from the opening bell to current time. How about adding an option like that, called “today”?

I’ve now edited this post, as I see that the + and - zoom keys will actually give me the views I am seeking.


I totally agree with above, I use 5 and 15 min a lot on TradingView. Miss them on T212.


while I wont have a use of 5 minutes personally, the 15-minutes option certainly gives me a better overall view of the market in the middle of trading hours than the 1min or 1h options do.

on a seperate note:
@George I wanted to say thanks for the addition to the portfolio overview on webplatform that shows the amount of funds blocked for pending orders.

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sorry but that does not make a lot of sense as you currently offer 6 chart time frames and there is clearly space for 2 more so it wouldn’t make any difference to the user UI plus how can you monitor user behaviour on a feature that isn’t available