Price Alerts issue?

Anyone else had all of their set price alerts disappear? I had 100 alerts set (the maximum), and noticed this morning that they have all just vanished :open_mouth:

@adamski, let me have a look :eyes: I’ll drop you a DM so we can check this.

Thank you for getting back. I just noticed today, I’ve just gone through and added these all back in :grin:

How do you receive price alerts?

@JB2, let me shed some light on how to set an alert.

If you’re on the mobile app, you can set an alert by following those steps :arrow_down:

  1. Open the instrument’s graph
  2. Tap on the Price Alert icon at the top right corner
  3. Set a definite price for your alert
  4. You’ll be notified once your price target is reached

When using the web app, you can follow the steps below to set an alert :arrow_down:

  1. Press on the 'Clock ’ icon under the price section of the instrument’s graph
  2. Set the desired price
  3. Click 'Set Price Alert
  4. It’s done, and you can expect a notification once the price is reached
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Hi thanks I set the price alerts. I was just wondering how I am actually alerted.
As in do I have to open the app to find out?

If you use the phone app, you should receive an alert like a push message on your phone. In the web/computer you get an alert box and an alarm/ringing tone. Try it out on one of your positions :+1:

Definitely something up with price alerts. I added mine all back in after they all disappeared, now it won’t let me add any more. I counted them and I have 68 alerts, but I though we could add 100? On others it is saying that I already have an alert for a position at a price, but I don’t? Weird :thinking:

Now some have returned and there are now two or three for the same price on the same stock? :joy: