Price Alerts list on app but not browser

Is there a way to check price targets ive set on the browser like on the app. If not then could this be added as well to the browser?


Hey :wave:,

Actually, a price alert list is available on the web platform as well. There’s a :clock1: on the bottom of the screen where you can check your alerts.

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Where would I find this clock as I dont have 1?

In portfolio tab:
to set an alert, the clock button is next to where the “market closed” icon is at the top right under the price.

once an alert is set, it appears in a box underneath the “Your investment” section in the bottom right of your screenshot.

price alerts set will also appear underneath the stats section on the advanced chart view.

For @Bogi.H’s reply, leave the portfolio tab and go to the Advanced View tab in the top left. The Clock icon is along the bottom of the screen in the left corner. this tab will show all the price alerts you have set on the account.

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Thank you so much! I was trying to find all my alerts on the browser and now I can. :smile: