Phantom buy order

@David along with the missing candles, the site not working, unable to place an order, no charts.

We now have an issue where the ask is appearing as the bid

I also have a phantom order this morning.

I made two orders at 4:13, I appear to have had a third created which filled this morning. Only cost me £3 more but I didn’t create three is the point.

And to be clear there was no pending market order appearing before this was filled this morning.

I was watching the two at 4:13 create and fill. If there was a third I would have obv taken action and cancelled.

@phildawson Our audit logs show that we receive three requests “place-order” - 16:13:03, 16:13:25 & 16:13:42.

@David Only the first two where created, I was watching this stock until close. No pending market order was underneath this yesterday, nor this morning.

I know its filled OTC but don’t you think I would have acted if there was actually three pending at 4:13 and only two filled at 4:13. I’m not exactly going to go well I’ll keep it there for tomorrow open, makes no sense :neutral_face:

Can you please reply to my PM where I lost about £600 in profit and ended negative due to your system? Can you also reply to the issue above where the ASK is showing as the BID

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