Urgent - Unable to cancel orders and now a rogue order has been placed for me

Hi all

Yesterday I had trouble all day with placing orders and trying to cancel them. Once taking upto 15 minutes to cancel.

I had some shares of MRIN which I had a stop sell running but I decided to sell them all via market order before close. My stop sell was strangely still loading and wouldn’t let me cancel?

I have woken up this morning to an order that has been placed for me with a negative balance? I don’t understand what has happened here.

I also have some other orders that are loading since yesterday which won’t let me cancel either.

Had something similar in practice when i tried to sell at market price

I have contacted the support team. Seriously hope they fix it as this is a system issue.

I’ve had this occur overnight as well which left me in a negative position. I’ve deposited funds to cover it however trading212 cannot cancel the automatic sell order that they created.
Did the online chat and it was a very circular chat with them saying it was my fault and they refused to accept they actioned a cancelled purchase order 8h+ later

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I don’t understand how this can possibly be my fault.

I sold ALL of my shares with a market order before market close and the stop sell that i had set was still loading/buffering which meant I couldn’t cancel it/it didn’t disappear itself like normal.

So now an automatic negative position has been opened, I don’t understand how thats even possible.

Hopefully they resolve this because it’s completely a system issue.

Good to know this has happened to others aswell

I wonder if they’ve had a blip in the system overnight as searching shows this has happened before but seems to be a rare occurrence.
Let us know if you have any luck with their chat.

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I have sent 3 emails and no reply.

Really would like this sorted before market opens as MRIN has dropped in price since yesterday and I do not want to pay for something that isn’t my fault.

Are there any numbers I can call to get this resolved urgently?

@PeterA can you help at all?

@Theo hi, are you able to assist at all?

I wonder if it’s related to this: Cancelled order was executed as a buy

It does seem similar.

This is the latest they have come back with.

I just don’t understand why they would place an order to prevent me going “in negative balance” when I had already sold ALL of my shares so
How would it even be possible! If the system wasn’t so unreliable I could’ve cancelled the stopsell order myself / it should have cancelled when i sold all my shares.


Same problem, could not cancell MRIN. Executed today 06:21. How?

They have said to me that when the market opens the negative position will close but I would like clarity that I will not lose any money from this.

Its clearly a system issue which they have admitted so we will see


Yesterday evening there was a disruption in the connection between Trading 212 and our intermediary. The issue did not come from our side, which rendered us unable to resolve it immediately.

As of this morning, the connection has been restored and everything is running smoothly.

There were orders that were locked yesterday but appear completed this morning, meaning that the execution is accurate, only the system shows a different timestamp ( e.g this morning).

Because of conflict between different orders on the same instrument, some of you might’ve received an automatic sell/buy order, which was created to restore the balance of your position.

Once the market opens, everything should be sorted out.

If something remains unsettled, please DM me and we will investigate.


I have DMd as the order has disappeared but I have just deposited £200 into my account and it has completely vanished!?