Phantom purchase - ✅ Solved

Good morning
I’ve woken to a notification Showing I’ve purchased 2 shares at BOWL 160 For an order I never placed and at a price that hasn’t been reached since Thursday opening, how is that even possible? I’ve emailed 212 but it’s like talking to a brick wall with different advisers giving answers why can’t they just leave it to the original adviser That answers the original question?

Have you every bought BOWL yourself or never heard of it?

If you go to history on BOWL what does it tell you on the order? Assume it was a limit buy, what’s the time on it executed etc

Hi Phil thanks for the reply, I currently own shares in bowl from the beginning of the crash in feb/March. I never placed the current order but if I’ve pressed it by some mistake the price never reached the 160 price they’ve executed it at this morning or it certainly Hasn’t on my graphs and that’s what’s worrying it wasn’t for a great amount of money either luckily but it is quite concerning, I’ve been charged a price that no chart I can find shows it reached

A high of 160.2 on open and then 160.3 (8:01) :grimacing:

If you click on the history transaction it should tell you date it was originally placed (I assume yesterday otherwise it would have trigger)

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It says 5.18 but I was in the middle of Sherwood Forest with no signal that’s what has confused me so much,the graph on my app doesn’t show it being anywhere near that high I really need to start using the Mac instead to look at these things cheers for your help and advice It’s all a learning curve

Hey @Ghalljnr,

I’ve sent you details regarding the order through DM.

If you click on the arrows to the left of market open you’ll get to the charting tools.

If you are looking at the general line chart you wouldn’t ever see that (156.1)

Desktop is a lot easier though.