Pie blocked on cancelling. Can't sell positions - ✅ SOLVED

I made a pie to buy Tesla and Apple at 60%/40%.

When market opened because orders were taking long to be executed I gave a cancel order.

However the pie already had bought the positions on Tesla and Apple but the pie says 0€ are invested and stayed permanently with the Cancelling… (0%) message on top.

So now I can not sell the positions or edit the pie since everything thing I do the Cancelling… (0%) bounces.

I can not delete the pie as well as it requests the pie to be at 0€.

Could you please look into this as I am not able to sell my positions in case of a stock drop.

I am so far losing 2% of my positions being unable to do a thing. This is unacceptable.
If I finish losing a lot of my positions value than Trading212 will be finished for me.

If you don’t like bugs, stop using the pie beta. You signed up knowing it isn’t complete and flawless, stop expecting it to be completely finished. They’re still testing and fixing bugs like these. No need for the threats of leaving the platform because of a bug in a beta

A bug is a only a bug when it has no effect on your money.
Tell that to the customers on Robin Hood when they had the “bug” and lost their mmoney.
i know it is a beta and that’s why I contacted the chat. The problem isn’t the bug but the lack of availability to unblock it when needed.

Your pie is empty? €0.00. How can you lose money?

@chantal That is the bug. It isn’t. And so I can not sell the positions.
I have to be honest, they are apple and tesla, maybe I won’t be losing any.
But it could be worse like what happened to Intel and I would had to watch it.

It’s too bad that customer chat could not solve it and told me to contact by mail.

As you can see this one is on the pie and so I can not sell even do pie says 0€ invested.

The same if I try to delete pie.

It was solved. No major losses.
But @cavanhagan is correct. No more pies for me. I gained some weight with confinement.

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They’ll be ready soon I’d say, they’ve ran pretty smoothly in general, so hopefully you won’t have to wait too long

We’ve experienced a slight difficulty today with the action order placement within pies. Some may have appeared as stuck on Buy/Sell or Rebalance. The bug has now been fixed. :slight_smile:

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