Pie 'cancellation' error - ✅ Solved

Hi, I was in the process of rebalancing the two pies I have, when I cancelled the rebalancing to make a further change. However, the bar at the top has been stuck on ‘cancelling’ for a couple of days now. It does show the bar as complete and the green tick is next to the word cancelling, but the instruments have not changed and as it stands, I cannot move, buy, sell, withdraw or use any other feature within the two pies and unfortunately the money is just stuck in there. I will say this is the first issue I have had when using pies and apart from this, they have been great. Any suggestions or help would be welcomed so I can continue on with the changes I had planned before the result worsens. Cheers!

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Facing the same error here, hope the team can help us out.

@George are you aware of this one? Seems like it could be serious?

Same, its been stuck all day

Thanks everyone for sharing the case. We’re checking further the matter - I’ll keep you posted.


I’m facing the same issue - any updates? @L.D

Hey there @Adhowell49,
Thank you for telling us! We have logged your pie to be unlocked and we’ll be fixing it shortly.

We’ll keep you updated!

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Thank you, I’m facing the same issue too although I’ve only just started trickling money in so isn’t a monetary issue for me :+1:

Same here one of my pies is stuck cancelling

@L.D Can you have a look at my account. I have the same issue. I also cant invest anymore money into any of my pies.

@L.D and @Team212 one of my pies is stuck on cancelling - please could you look to unlock it for me? Many thanks in advance!

It should be ready and set to go again, @dmclean1989. :slight_smile:

It was a small difficulty we’ve had today with the placement of action orders within the pies. It has been solved now!

Top banana. Thank you for sorting this so quick. The 212 team are by far the best I’ve encountered as a consumer. Have a great weekend :+1:

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