Stuck on cancelling a rebalancing of a pie - ✅ Solved

I am stuck on Cancelling… of the rebalancing of the pie for over 30 minutes now. How am I able to fix this ?

Hi there @Bil,
Thank you for letting us know. It appears that most of the issues reported are related to a single bug (fortunately). We have logged your request and we will be fixing your pie shortly.

We will keep you posted! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. Ill keep an eye on the app to see when the bug is fixed

Also, how can I avoid this bug ? I did a cancel because the rebalancing took ages. I assume this is because of the volatility in the market. What should i do if the rebalancing takes forever?

Your not the only one- I have just submitted a service request for this.

Hey there @Mobops,
We have logged the bug of your pie and we’ll be fixing it soon.

I can say that the issue which is currently reported for a “cancelling stuck” appears to be related to a single bug which we are working hard on fixing it. Until we fix this bug we’ll have to “unlock” the stuck pies manually. @Bil

So, whenever you experience such “stuck”, let us know and we’ll handle it straight away. :slight_smile:

I’m having a same problem. Stuck on cancelling.

We’ll have to take a further look, @grgdina.

I’ll keep you posted! :slight_smile:

Hey there @grgdina,

We had to take a closer look at your pie. We’ve found the bug and it has been fixed. :slight_smile:

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@L.D i have been stuck on cancel for the whole day today i lost quite a bit of money am confused i missed out on great stocks today i also cant sell my stock and i do not have them at the same time i was emailing trading 212 all day no reply

Check your inbox @jam, I’ll send you a DM. :postbox:

I am having the same issue, pie is stuck on 7% rebalancing

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If your Rebalance was placed earlier today and your pie holds slices with US stocks (e.g. Peloton Inc), which market is yet to open, this will cause the action to remain ‘processing’.

Nonetheless, the rebalance will be completed once the US market opens. :slight_smile: :us: :balance_scale:

Hi, my pie is stuck on cancelling

Was about to post. First time using pies and mine is currently stuck adding funds, stocks have been brought but pie thinks they haven’t and has the money in it as cash still.

Glad I’m not the only one :sweat_smile:

Looks like it was a temp delay. Just received confirmation and the pies have updated now :grinning:

I have this cancellation problem all the time. It just hangs for hours at a time. Reading back through previous error reports it seems sporadic and only fixed manually. What’s happening that causes this and what can we do about it? (Other than simply leave 212)

I’ve taken a closer look at your accounts guys and it seems like all of your pies are up and running at the moment.

@Lcrellin @terbe @morganuk

A placed cancelling action for an order within a pie or a rebalance may take a while to be filled and processed, but it is definitely not normal to take hours for an action to be cancelled. In most cases, the stuck is caused by some form of major difficulty on our end, which we always aim to locate and resolve swiftly.

Nevertheless, we continue to work actively towards the enhancement of AutoInvest, and I’d like to say that your constructive feedback and reported issues are more than contributing to the refinement of the feature. And If it happens that you face such stuck difficulties or any of other kinds, you can always ping or DM me. :slight_smile: :pie:

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No worries, thanks for the update. I think what threw me off a bit was the new stocks sitting in the investments tab but the pie not knowing about them. Knowing it can take a little bit to process is good though, now I know for future additions to the pie :+1:

@L.D hello, I too have been stuck on cancel with my pie since yesterday. I have sent a request form to get it sorted, thanks!