PIE creation with UK + USA stocks

I’m trying to create my PIE, can I not has USA and UK stocks together?
Should they have to be in same currency? where can I find limitations if there are any.

The only limitations I am aware of is max securities per pie is 50. (Planned to be increased in future??)

Also you can only add fractional securities to the pie.


Surely, PIE could be made to handle non-fractional shares, instead of exact weightage can use some thing rounded?
Is that in future plan?

I think the reason for not handling non-fractional shares is because you have to use the value-based amount to buy shares. It is a feature I am waiting for if they decide to introduce, and probably will be the path to handle non-fractional shares as you can directly buy 1 o more shares.

The future plan is to make all shares fractional, so it won’t be a problem soon

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Personally I don’t want to have fractional, it is not difficult to design pie to support non-fractional

Something I just cooked up

Ofcourse it doesn’t consider things like currency etc.

The idea of the pie is to help creating a portfolio by disributing any amount of money, however small, between different stock. If you add a non-fractional share to a pie, the minimum you will need to invest every time will be very high (depending on the non-fractional share price), which makes the whole concept useless

The concept is not new, and it doesn’t make it useless.
https://smallcase.zerodha.com/ it was done without fractional shares.

Frankly, no point bickering over what is/isn’t feasible.

If you want some feature to be added there is section for it on community. #Feature-suggestions-ideas

Original question was answered.

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