Pie Dividend Cash gone - ✅ Solved

Just wanting some clarification about something that has just happened with one of my pies.
I recently exported all of the stocks in my pie and realised there was some cash still stuck in the dividend income “total gained”. I tried to export/withdraw the cash but with no success. I then decided to delete the pie, thinking that the dividend money would go into my overall funds. I have triple checked and it is lost and gone. What do I do? Mainly so that it doesn’t happen again. do? I know that the dividend income is set to on as default which I now immediately turn off. Forgive my long, explained post, I have searched for an answer but to no prevail.
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When you say the cash is gone how can it be gone completely from your account as it would show somewhere in your reports what’s happened with it?

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I’m trying to figure out where it has gone that’s what I can’t understand, I presumed when I deleted the pie it would show up in free funds but it hasn’t :worried:

@Team212 can someone take a look?

The “Total gained” amount cannot be withdrawn from the pie, as it only indicates the amount which you have gained as dividends so far since the opening of your pie.

If DRIP is ON, the funds received from dividends will remain as pie cash if the amount received is lower than your pie’s minimum investment (threshold). If the amount is equal or higher than your pie’s minimum investment, the dividend gets reinvested right away.

If it happens that some amount from dividend is left out as pie cash, it will get automatically allocated with your next invest ‘Buy’ order, which has happened in your case.

If the DRIP is turned OFF, the received dividend will be allocated to your pie cash (if you held the stock inside the pie on the ex-div date) or to your account’s Free Funds (if the stock was outside of your pie on the ex-div date). :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking the time to reply, I appreciate it.

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