Sold a pie, cash stuck inside


I withdrew all funds from a pie the problem is, my withdrawn cash is now stuck in a pie as “cash” and I can’t get it back until the market opens tomorrow.

Thanks in advance

You can withdraw cash from a pie at anytime don’t need the market to be open.

Can you withdraw without them having to sell first? How’s that work?

On reading the information available to us via platform for pies but one thing I can’t see is, if we wanted to remove a certain stock/etf and replace with another?

If we remove that individual stock does it automatically sell into your pies cash balance and then you add your new slice and balance out?

Sorry for the multitude of questions but I know your the man for answering :slight_smile: thank you

you can import and export shares at any time via the holding tabs. to sell shares you will need the market to be open.

you don’t sell shares in a pie so much as you would remove the shares from the pie and them sell them, or you would change the pie’s share allocation and use the rebalance feature during market hours. if you do this, you can effectively sell an entire position to fund the new acquisitions but market orders will be used.

you can remove the allocation to a share without removing it from the pie, and these shares will remain inside the pie but not receive any newly invested funds, if you rebalance or withdraw funds, these shares will be sold to fund the acquisition of shares with allocation or to allow you to withdraw the chosen amount.

so if @nunomendes does indeed have “cash” inside the pie, it can be withdrawn to their free funds at any time as money management doesn’t need an open market to complete.

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Thank you very much!! You sure your not a staff member :see_no_evil::rofl:

Update: I tried withdrawing funds from a pie but got this instead of funds

Apologies lol brain fart moment!!! Cash withdrawn from pie is different :see_no_evil: can we start a charity jar in community for every brain fart moment we have

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from the looks of your blurred section, the pie is trying to sell some of your shares in order to generate the funds you want which will need markets to be open.

I don’t have any loose cash in any of my pies right now or I would take a screenshot of me removing the cash.

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Me either mate was a complete brain fart moment