PIE Dividend investment options

Is it possible to auto reinvest dividends held in a PIE automatically back into the stock/company that issued it? The auto investment option will split it amongst the other companies in the PIE and I’d prefer that not to happen.

Instead of asking the same question twice, would it not be better to search the forum for existing answers? Searching both dividend reinvestment and drip brings up lots of results on what you’re asking. If you want me to make it easy for you, yes individual drip is coming in the future

I have searched the forum and can’t find the answer. I’ve posted the question twice as I’m new to this not sure which thread to put it in. So in summary the answer is no?

Answer is soon, taking some time it seems. I was trying to find original response from the team but it’s hard to find, so just take my word for it :slight_smile:

Great. Hopefully it is soon. I’m new to investing but this seems like a relatively straight forward request. Thanks

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