Dividends not being reinvested

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The title says everything, could anyone help?


How much is the dividend? It probably doesn’t meet the threshold to be reinvested automatically in the pie.

I have a pile of free cash quite small from the dividends €3.31. What is the minimum required ? Thanks

I think it depends on the pie. I imagine it’s the same as the minimum investment for a given pie, which can be £40 if it includes holdings at 0.5%.

So if I understand it depends on the % allocated per share.

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Yes, as I understand it anyway. If, for example, you had one stock in a pie, the minimum would be 20p. If your smallest holding is 1%, the minimum would be £20 and so on.


Another question maybe you’d know. I have 2 pies but the dividends come from the 2 pies, but the dividend has been allocated to the 1st pie. Do you know why?

Hmm, not too sure about that one, I’m afraid.

Hi @George would you be able to reply to that ?

We’ll take a closer look @Jeffrey_C. I’ll get back to you :slight_smile:

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Is it possible that you had the share only in 1 pie before ex-dividend day?

Thus the 2nd Pie stock had not been eligible for the dividend yet.

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I had a 1st pie before with all my assets together and I decided to split them to 2 pies.
I moved the 2 assets in different pies before the ex dividend pay but I am not totally sure.

The ex-dividend date of the stocks you held was on 03/09/2020. Your second pie was created after this date, respectively the share was purchased on 11/09/2020, so the dividend was paid only to the pie created prior to the ex-dividend date.


Hopefully in the future it will be in the correct one.

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