Re-balancing issue

Can someone @Team212 look at my Growth pie. I re-balanced 1 hour ago and it’s still stuck at 51%.

I’ve emailed support via contact form regarding issue with this particular pie as it hasn’t been able to sell 1 of the stocks for over a week or so, so I end up cancelling the re-balance as I feel I’m losing potential gains as the pie won’t buy any stocks until all stocks have been sold as the cash is sitting waiting for the sale of the last stock and then I manually add the funds via self fund and purchase the stocks.

Suppose, what i’m trying to say/ask is if there is an issue with selling a particular stock in the pie (due to low liquidity) can we not just be able to remove the stock manually from the pie and let it sit in the Investments tab rather than in the pie and the pie not being able to complete the rebalance on a quicker time scale due to the above issue?

@George @David @L.D

We will check the pie.

We will definitely have to improve how we handle low liquidity/auction stocks in the pies. For starters we will add a breakdown of the order list. This will make it easier to see which orders are still pending.

Another improvement would be to add an option to cancel individual orders.


My partner has a pie stuck too. It ruins everything when its stuck you cant do a thing buy, sell or rebalance even on pies that aren’t stuck.

That looks much better! Could you also add an @ beside the value showing the price bought/sold at or would that look too cluttered?