Haven't been able to use autoinvest since release

I understand some people want to continue investing according to target weights, but can we add another option to autoinvest using “self-balancing without selling anything”

I cannot imagine this being too hard to implement since the feature basically exist by clicking the invest button manually and selecting self-balancing option.

It feels like I’ve seen this request a few times, but could not find any topics when I searched for “autoinvest”


Certainly seen it more than a few times myself. Perhaps searching for ‘balancing’ works?

Overall its a very highly regarded feature, but there may have been a technical problem with it at least for ISA or bank transfers. Can’t remember when it was mentioned or if there have been further updates. I do think they planned to develop it at least. But it’s been quite a wait and may be a ways out still :grimacing:

If we got a bulk update with both pie-in-pie and self-balanced autoinvest, T212 would be like a European version of M1 Finance already

this is the other very much needed one.

there are a few questions but I can’t find the answers. The closest one to an “answer” is here that basically says yeah may be sometime in the unknown future :slight_smile:

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This is something requested since beta days.

Sadly to no avail.

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I think the pie-in-pie feature became alot more complicated because the formula for minimum investment into a pie changed a while ago as it’s a £1 minimum per holding or something. Basically because those really tiny fractional orders were probably costing T212 money aswell as flooding their system, it meant problems with placing and cancelling orders because there were more users than expected. M1 runs a different system where orders are only executed twice per day or something for the free tier as all trades can then be aggregated.

Like I have only 21 holdings in a pie and my minimum deposit is £200. M1 I believe you can just shove $10 in there and let it go to work. Maybe T212 should implement a similar timed order system for pies.

But yeah, pies do seem half baked. I’ve setup friends and family with Autoinvest that will start getting charged soon. Probably should’ve just setup a Vanguard subscription for them.