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I want to set my pies to AutoInvest daily, however I want to ensure that the funds are actually invested each day the markets are open. I understand the minimum investment per slice is £0.20, so if I have the (current) maximum of 50 slices with equal weightings of 2%, the initial minimum investment is £10. However the minimum daily amount is showing as £1? If I’m not mistaken, this would mean that £0.02 would be allocated to each slice on a daily basis? What would happen in terms of investing the funds in this case?

a) £0.02 would be invested into each stock Tuesday-Friday and £0.06 on Mondays

b) nothing would be invested until day 10 when each slice would have been allocated £0.20

c) nothing would be invested until every stock’s minimum traded quantity had been met (e.g. 0.001 shares of Tesla would currently cost £1.11, so the £0.20 minimum investment wouldn’t be enough for the min traded quantity of Tesla)

d) something else I haven’t thought of

The answer to this question will determine how many stocks I have in each pie and how much I deposit each day.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice you can offer! :slightly_smiling_face:



You’re absolutely correct with point ‘‘b)’’! :slight_smile:

If you open a pie of 50 slices with a minimum of £10, each slice will be automatically weighted as 2% and you can adjust the weights as you like. The daily schedule deposit of £1 won’t be enough to invest in these 50 slices until the 10th day when each slice will be allocated with £0.20p.

As for point ‘‘c)’’ - In the pie, the deposited cash is auto invested based on the weight and order value of each slice, and not the minimum trading quantity.

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Thanks L.D! This is really useful to know :slightly_smiling_face: Now I just need to figure out how much I can afford to invest each day! :sweat_smile:

this just requires you to know all your monthly expenses down to the last penny. including the every other month amounts and sudden emergencies, like remembering an anniversary at the last minute or having to drive all over town to find the right kind of trainers for that nephew you don’t remember having :wink: divide whats left across the whole year per day to the last penny LOL :rofl:

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Investment > forgotten nephew

But yes, to make the absolute most of this feature requires exact knowledge of your financial situation and discipline - can’t have extra spending if it’s going to leave you short for the next autoinvest.

That’s only for the absolute best use though, and most people will just set a safe amount, say £1000 p/m and then don’t need to know their financial situation exactly :roll_eyes:

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I know this has already been suggested but I would also really like the option of AutoInvesting on weekdays only. Is this something you’re looking into? Thanks, Neil

It’s something we’re considering for the future, but it’s not of a high priority at the moment. :slight_smile:

Here’s where you can keep an eye on what’s coming up:

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