Pie operations in original assets currency

Euro account holder here. Now that we are able to hold currencies other than the account functional currency, I feel “forced” to do two-ways currency exchange when it is not really required just to be able to use the automations associated with the Pies.
Let’s say I liquidate a pie containing only stocks in USD to buy-in another pie also containing only stocks in USD.
What the platform is going to do is:
Sell everything in USD
Convert it to EUR
Convert my EUR back to USD to buy the new pie

The system does not allow me to liquidate the original pie and keep it in the original currency of the investments (USD) and does not allow me to buy-in new pies in currencies other than my functional currency.

The only work-around is to export the stocks from the original pie, sell them manually (in USD, after activating the Default selling currency: “Asset Currency”), then buy the new stocks manually (also in USD, after activating the Default buying currency: “Asset Currency”) and “import” them into the new pie.

I would love if that could be avoided.