Pie suggestion buying selling idea

Is there a way to sell only specific parts of a pie for another one??
i have 7 parts of my pie , I wanted to sell parts in only 3 of them, to buy abother one (but i didnt want to touch the other ones at all

unless I am mistaken…
there is not a way to sell 3 parts only to add to 1
there is not a way to select how much in terms of money you want to sell of each, you can only balance.

in the end, I ended up removing stocks from the pie, selling what I wanted to sell manually 1 by 1, buying what I wanted then finally adding everything back to the pie…
this seems a lot of work, and as a result makes the pie a little pointless and basically there for show.

perhaps these little features could be added, so there is a lot more control within a pie over what you buy and sell, not just a balance percentage

If I am understanding what you would like to do in the Pie, here is an option:

You can go to Overview and then choose Invest / Withdraw funds. There you can withdraw from the Pie and you can choose the Fund distribution to be Custom (the default is By targets). In the Custom mode, you can choose exactly how much funds you would like to withdraw from the Pie and select which exact companies you wish to sell from.

After you click Confirm Sell, the funds will go to the Free Funds of your account. These funds can again be added manually in the Pie in the Invest section. There you can select Custom again and choose which company you would wish to Buy from.

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thanks, yes that is pretty much what I was looking for. I didnt know that option was there.

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