Daily AutoInvest Issue

Hi all,

One issue I’ve noticed with the Daily AutoInvest is that it does not evenly distribute funds every day. Let’s say I have a Pie of 20 Stocks, and I invest £20 every day. Typically, this would allocate £1 to every stock, which is expected.

Over the weekend, your deposits continue, so you rack up £40 in Cash and an additional £20 on Monday, totalling £60.

The £40 in Weekend Cash is not evenly distributed throughout the week, but it is all put in on Tuesday, which weights your average price unevenly to the price of that day.

So my deposits look like this:

Mon - £20
Tue - £60
Wed - £20
Thu - £20
Fri - £20

When they should look like this:

Mon - £28
Tue - £28
Wed - £28
Thu - £28
Fri - £28

Anyone else experience this issue or has a work around? I can only think to pause my autoinvest over and then manually add another £8 each day to distribute across my pie. At which point why even use AutoInvest.