Pies - Ability to auto balance to 100% when adding new slices.

When adding a new slice into an existing pie Trading212 should provide an option normalize the weights if the sum of the weights > 100.

For example, if an existing pie contains two stocks KO and MMM with 75% and 25% weighting respectively.

When a new stock (APPL) is added with a weighting of 25%. The total weight will equal 125%.
Trading212 should be able to calculate the weight of each pie element and rebase to 100%.

Taking each pie element and dividing by the over weighted value.
KO = 75 / 125 = 0.6
MMM = 25 / 125 = 0.2
APPL = 25 / 125 = 0.2
= 1.0
This would greatly aid pie additions without the necessity to manually adjust all slice to reach 100%.


Hey, @SCOTCH56. :wave:

The option to auto adjust to 100% when adding new slices is available on the web app only. Nonetheless, we’ll let you know if we implement it on the mobile app.