Adding a new stock to an existing pie without reducing existing stock %

Hi all, getting to grips with the platform and loving the experience so far.

I have a question that I can’t seem to get my head around regarding pies.


User has a pie with say 15 stocks at various % that they are happy with, total say £4000.

User wants to add a new stock X to that pie at say 10% of pie.

User wants to add 10% more funds to the pie to allow the Stock X to be funded by the additional capital as opposed to reducing stake in 15 existing stocks.

Ending up with 16 stocks in pie, with nothing sold whatsoever, just newly funded additional stock X.

Total value of pie now approx £4400

Hope someone can help clear this up for me :ok_hand:

I am interested to know this as well. I am not creating pie of my existing stocks because of this reason.

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Hey there guys, :wave:

The feature’s functionality itself is to gather the target weights to a total of 100%. If you add a new instrument by default your pie will go over the total percentage and respectively another slice (stock) weight should be reduced to match the overall. Even if more funds are added, AutoInvest considers the percentage allocation (weights) and if the total percentage goes above 100, it won’t allow you to proceed until the total is met. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. So can you talk us through how to add that new 16th slice of the pie (do you call that new slice an instrument?) > without selling any of the existing stock.

Essentially I’m trying to avoid selling small bits of stock to accommodate new slices of pie (instruments?)

Do I add funds first? Then add new stock somehow, I just don’t understand how, all I seem to do is keep selling small chunks of Apple stock :confused:

1- Buy £400 worth of the new instrument.
2- Import the instrument to the pie
3- Adjust the percentages in the pie to the total of 100%

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Ahhh! That’s it, import and export simply allows the actions I was looking for.

These actions also allow you to consolidate the same instruments that are in different pies.

Thanks so much!