Adjusting overweight slice without selling

Oh my… piggybacking this post as I’m confused also!

See below, if I want to level up things, how do I go about that, without selling stock?

Ie. I’d like to reduce the % of pie being too heavy on fivver, without selling it.

you mean too heavy on NIO without selling it? then deposit more funds using “self-balancing” as this will assign the money to your underweight slices, ignoring the overweight one. in effect reducing how much of your pie is consisted of that 1 slice.

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Just wanted to suggest another option to Dao’s spot-on tip.

If you don’t want to add new funds but simply reduce the target values of your overweight slices, you can do it by editing their target values. This won’t trigger any buying or selling, but you’ll simply adjust it in the way you want to increase next allocated funds to your underweight slices and decrease the ones going to your overweight slices.

And just like Dao said, picking ‘self-balancing’ as a distribution method when investing new funds can also do the trick, because it’ll equalize your pie’s actual values to their corresponding targets. :wink:


Ahhh brilliant, this is so obvious, yet unless you know, it’s tricky to work out. Thank you

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This is great to have confirmed also, I think this is something I definitely need to do on another pie I have. I realised in the first couple of weeks using T212 that I was rebalancing and losing money, selling shares I wanted to retain.

I now feel confident in managing my targets and adding additional funds appropriately.

Thanks so much, for you support both. Great community :ok_hand::muscle: