Pies like etoro

Can the trading 212 pies work like etoro copy portfolios. ?

As in you can choose to either fork off from the pie and you can then control it (like we do atm)

Or you can subscribe to the pie so that changes to the original are reflected across all the pies copying it.

It’s been mentioned also the ability to subscribe to a pie and then later cut the ties if you want to take it in a different direction.

Also the ability for the pie subscribers to be able to vote on major changes to pie would be cool.


I didn’t know we could do this. I thought that copied pies were “frozen” and you only copied the version based on a point in time.

I haven’t copied anyone’s pie though… so I wouldn’t have realised :smiley:

To me I am glad that Trading212 does not follow the eToro route. With Etoro approach afaik the one you copy will get commission. Who pay that commission well, those who copy it.

We want a free trade app and do not to add cost unnecessary.

You can’t :sweat_smile:

Just this bit atm.

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You can’t subscribe to a pie in t212

Yeah thats my fault for my response where I wasn’t that clear on what we can do currently and what we want it to do.

@Baldyboy78 I made a similar post back in Oct which might be of interest

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No you’re in the super secret beta and you accidentally leaked information :wink::shushing_face: