Shared Pies in Trading 212

I don’t know about you guys but i would love to be able to use a shared pie so you can contribute to the same pie with you friends and family for a holiday you are taking together.

Would love to hear your opinion about this :slight_smile:

Too complicated for tax purposes, don’t think we’ll ever see it.

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In one of the threads @George mentions shared pie that you subscribe instead to so changes are reflected in you own pie like eToro.

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you mean that the pies you can now copy are being updated when the creator updates the shared pie ?

I haven’t seen T212 with any updates on pies other than @Wit

But yes so as well as copying, another option to subscribe to the pie, so changes to the original are reflected.

On pies with many slices or frequent changes it means less messing about trying to adjust your own to the current. So if 1000 subscribed, one change to the original changes all 1000, rather than the 1000 becoming out of sync.

I was pushing for multiple owners of the pie like a syndicate, or even voting by the pie subscribers on any major changes or weighting adjustments.

A move towards this kind of thing.

It would ace if now.that ProQuant is ending if T212 took that under it’s wing too.